Back to Basics | Cloud VS on-premise hosting

With great CRM comes great responsibility, which is why it’s important to make the right choice between hosting your system in the cloud or on-premise. This infographic runs through key considerations to help you make the right decision for your business.

7 steps to get started with social selling

Explore how you can connect with, engage with and nurture leads and sales with social selling.

Why Gold-Vision is perfect for Software & IT companies

Find out how Gold-Vision supports the Software & IT industry’s unique needs and processes in our latest infographic!

Boost productivity – 6 key gains with CRM

Find out how a good CRM system can improve companywide productivity with intelligent features, streamlined processes and unified views in our latest blog!

Back to Basics | CRM Explained

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be a tricky thing to get your head around, but don’t worry – we’re here to go back to basics and explain everything you need to know!

Level up your packaging business with integrated marketing tools

With the ever-growing demand on packaging companies, there is less and less time for effective marketing activities to take place. In this blog we explore 5 ways that Gold-Vision’s intelligent marketing tools can improve the experience of both your teams and your customers.

Lead to Project and beyond – full visibility in Gold-Vision

Find out how Gold-Vision supports the Fire Protection industry’s unique needs and processes in our latest infographic.

What product development taught me about selling

Mark Vernon reflects on crucial sales skills learned from a career in Product Development.

5 steps to sales focus

Some believe that a sales focussed business has little care for their customers, but you can have the best of both worlds. Find out how in our latest infographic!

Lessons from social selling that will enhance your social CX

If there’s one customer experience trend that has intensified over the last two years, it’s social CX. Discover our 6 social selling inspired lessons that will enhance your social CX strategy.

6 must-have CRM features to boost sales productivity

Achieving sales productivity isn’t just a case of hiring more sales executives and hoping that more people will equal more productivity. Instead, with the right CRM solution you can take real steps towards boosting productivity and generating more sales.

6 steps to personalising your CX approach with CRM

Explore how you can improve and personalise your approach towards a great customer experience with the help of your CRM system.

Personalise your CX approach with CRM

With so much choice out there, the need to personalise your CX has become crucial. Read on to discover six simple steps to achieve just that.

Blog_ABM Journey
How to use CRM to accelerate your ABM journey

ABM and the use of ABM strategies have gained more traction since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018. This post should help you figure out where to start, and how you can use CRM to succeed where other’s may fail.

8 steps to launch your sales enablement strategy

Sales enablement is one of the hot new phrases in the world of selling but what does it mean, and more importantly, how can you take advantage of it using your CRM?

Social selling: focus your efforts

Social selling isn’t a new phenomenon however, many still don’t know what it is, how it works, and why it is the answer to many of their woes.

6 steps to a successful CRM implementation

Head of Customer Experience, Jiggy Patel, shares six vital steps that will ensure that your next CRM project is a success.

Customer data management best practice: keep your ‘dirty’ data separate

The final instalment in our CRM best practice mini-series – discover how keeping your dirty data separate can save you a lot of headaches.

Less is more – common CRM data myths, busted!

A true CRM allows businesses to get so much more benefit from their investment. Which is why it’s important to debunk some of the myths about data entry that many other solutions take pleasure in perpetuating.

Customer data management best practice: maintaining your data must be a collective responsibility

In the second instalment of our customer data management best practice mini-series, we look at why maintaining your data should be a collective responsibility.

Customer data management best practice: preparation is key!

Welcome to the first in our customer data management best practice mini-series: preparation is key! Read on to find out where to start with your customer data management journey.

Now is exactly the right time for CRM

Implementing effective, integrated CRM can be quick, cost-effective and can energise your virtual business. Read on to find out why now is exactly the right time to introduce CRM to your business.

5 lead scoring best practices

Implementing a strong plan will not only make a huge difference to your ROI, it will also give your business an undeniable advantage over your competitors. In this infographic, we share with you our top 5 best practice tips based on our own experiences.

CCPA vs GDPR: quick reference infographic

This CCPA vs GDPR infographic guide will help you to quickly identify and understand what the CCPA is and who it affects, as well as what the key similarities and differences between the two legislations are.

Birthday cake with one candle for GDPR's one year anniversary
One year later… did the GDPR stuff go away?

It’s been just over a year since GDPR came into force, and our resident GDPR guru, Nat Gorton, published her blog “GDPR 101: A Comprehensive Overview of the new Data Protection Regulation“. So, we thought it was high time for Nat to revisit the topic and give us all an update.

Blog_CRM integrations
5 vital CRM integrations to help your business succeed

CRM can – and many argue should – be your central data hub. From the MD through to your accounts team, a great solution can save everybody time, increase productivity and provide a 360-degree customer view. How? Through CRM integrations.

Blog_use dashboards to beat targets
How to use dashboards to beat your sales targets

Setting up a personal dashboard, whether you are a Sales Director or a new executive starting out, can be the instant check you need to find advantages and maximise them throughout the year.

Blog_Use CRM to set targets
How to use CRM to set targets and improve your sales pipeline

With a background in CRM implementation our Head of Customer Experience, Jiggy Patel, shares her advice on how you can improve your sales pipeline by using targets in your business.

Blog_Customer on-boarding success
4 essential tips for B2B customer onboarding success

How a successful onboarding plan plays a critical role in the early stages of the customer lifecycle, and your long term success.

Blog thumbnail_Marketing automation
3 uses of marketing automation to make your life easier

Marketing Automation is more than just a trendy buzzword – it’s a tool that, utilised properly, enables businesses to truly align their sales and marketing.

Blog_Adobe Sign integration
Integrating Adobe eSignature software with CRM

eSignature empowers our customers to seamlessly create, send, sign and track all digitally sent documents all within Gold-Vision CRM.

Blog thumbnail_How Gold-Vision got GDPR ready
How Gold-Vision got GDPR-ready

After 2-years of waiting, and with the GDPR legislation now in place and in force, here’s an inside look at how we responded, and what it means for our customers.

Blog_GDPR 101
GDPR 101: A comprehensive overview of the EU’s new data protection regulation

GDPR can seem like a scary thing – but it’s not really– there are just a lot of myths and misunderstandings circulating.

Blog_Understanding CASL
Understanding CASL: Is email marketing still viable for Canadian businesses?

For the long answer, read on to find out exactly how you can ensure you remain compliant, and why it’s not only viable, but also really easy to do so with the right software.

Blog_10 common GDPR myths, busted
10 common GDPR myths, busted

Here at Gold-Vision, we are helping hundreds of companies to conquer their GDPR compliance challenge!

Blog_Overcome tender management with CRM
How CRM can tackle the biggest tender management challenges

In this post, we explore how CRM can help overcome such challenges and help drive better business decisions.