Simple by design

Easy screen design

Your CRM – your way! With an attractive interface, your screens are dynamic based on your rules. With charts, counts, widgets and more, you can easily see all activity in one view.

Pick your favourites

Build your menu, your way! Create your own navigation to meet the needs of your business and individual role of the users. Create your own icons and pin key items and lists to your own tab for quick access.

Mobile responsive

Gold-Vision CRM is fully responsive, so if you’re creating a new contact, adding an appointment or updating a meeting note – you can enjoy full CRM wherever you are and on any device.

Customizable widgets

Get fast and accurate insights by customizing your very own dashboard with great widgets. Choose from charts, lists, tables or counts – that you can simply share.

Manage accounts & contacts

Gold-Vision’s account-based system allows you to map group and divisional structures by defining relationship links between one entity and another. Contacts in Gold-Vision can also be associated with multiple organisations, opportunities and projects.

Task management

With Gold-Vision task management you can associate your contacts with specific projects and activities that need completing. You can keep on top of tasks with the Action Centre feature which automates a to-do list view, and sends activity completion reminder alerts.


Document management

With one core location to store all your key business relationships and communications, you can build an accountable trail for each customer using document management.

Interaction tracking

With interaction tracking there is no manual work required! View all communication between employees and whole accounts or individual contacts within the correspondence area. This allows you to keep track of new contacts or leads that are introduced by email & LiveChat, and broadcast notes within your organisation.

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Intelligent automations

New_Intelligent automations

Marketing automation

Say goodbye to CSV downloads and hello to Gold-Vision CRM’s fully integrated marketing automation. With tools that are simple to use, you can effortlessly combine your sales and marketing data to send relevant, targeted campaigns.


Alerts can simply notify you of a meeting, task or high-value opportunity. Or, go further with any data changes in Gold-Vision – all at a quick glance and in the one place.

What’s next

With every step, our intelligent ‘What’s Next’ prompts can help you get started with a new account in minutes. Suggesting the next logical steps – whether it’s an opportunity or a marketing campaign – it will help you grow your relationship without missing any key information.

Email tracking

Understand who is talking to who about what with email tracking. Gold-Vision offers automated email tracking and calendar synchronisation with Office365, Exchange and Google.

Touchpoint scoring

Track and automatically market-qualify leads and design workflows with this powerful tool.

Campaign ROI

Running a successful marketing campaign can take time and effort but with Gold-Vision it couldn’t be easier. Measure your campaign’s success with our built-in ROI reporting at each stage. Measure opportunity value, campaign sales, event bookings and follow up activities automatically.

Rich insights

New_Rich insights

Powerful reporting

Gold-vision CRM offers real-time, integrated, and fast reporting to analyse all your data. Generate engaging reports to share with your team with just a few simple clicks.

Sales forecasting

Plan and understand how well your business is doing with sales forecasting. Estimate your future sales to enable informed business decisions and predict short and long-term performance.

Visual interface

Photo gallery

With photo gallery, you can upload or drag and drop images into an account or project. You may want to use images within a campaign, or to manage an engineer who needs approval after installation. Either way, it’s simple to do.


With Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar synchronisation, you can extend appointment capabilities in Gold-Vision. Invites can be sent from your account and all appointments can be recorded against the relevant prospect or customer. Want to produce useful business reports to keep track of your team sales, events, and projects? No problem.


Create branded quotes with ease and streamline your sales cycle with our quote template. Optional integration with e-sign technology can improve the speed and efficiency of getting signed orders. Choose from a variety of templates, simply complete, and send!

Campaign status

Measure the success of your marketing campaign instantly. Identify campaign success with in-built ROI reporting against each stage. Multi-stage campaigns are easy to create, and you’ll achieve great results creating follow up actions for your sales team.


With our multi-language and multi-culture abilities, you can choose the language that fits in with your local or individual preferences. Additional languages can be added at any time, optimising your CRM experience.


With multi-team, you can set permissions for primary and secondary users. Allow teams to access different options whilst working collaboratively.

Enterprise features

New_Enterprise features


Manage sales globally! It’s simple to track multi-currency values across your accounts. Instantly convert to view in your preferred currency. Define product price lists and set currency exchange rates all within Gold-Vison.

Workflow & alerts

Save your team’s time and improve customer experience by automating key processes with intelligent Gold-Vision workflows and alerting.

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“Our experience with Gold-Vision has been exceptional. They really took the time to understand our process and what we needed out of a CRM and ultimately designed something that exceeded our expectations.”

Linda Malmstadt, VP of Sales & Marketing

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