Marketing - Qualify Leads

Qualify leads

Capture, score and qualify leads, allowing you to pass to sales at the optimum moment.

Marketing - Target Campaigns

Target campaigns

Use real-time data to drive personalised campaigns within a single platform.

Marketing - Improve ROI

Improve ROI

From granular email data through to won sales per campaign, understanding effectiveness is easy.

Key features

Say goodbye to CSV downloads. Manage your marketing campaigns directly within your CRM.

Campaign analytics

Identify campaign success immediately with built-in ROI reporting against each campaign stage.

  • Quick and easy dashboards allow instant measurement for lead sources, and more
  • Measure opportunity value, campaign sales, event bookings and follow up activities by campaign stage, automatically

Touch point scoring

Combine your website visitor data with email marketing and social interactions for a powerful and flexible way to score your leads and contacts.

  • Integrate with leading IP tracking solutions Lead Forensics or ONMonitoring to score and react to website visits
  • Automatically create, populate and allocate leads using workflow
  • Leverage your existing leads and CRM information, ensuring that your team can coordinate their response
  • Monitor engagement with email marketing sent via Connect (e.g. clicks, opens)
  • Make the most of social media, scoring RT’s, likes, mentions, follows and campaign specific hashtags
  • Add custom scores to measure offline personal interactions such as positive/negative feedback

Understanding your prospect and customer lifecycles just got a whole lot easier.

Lead nurture

Fully integrated sales & marketing through Gold-Vision enables you to see the complete history of a lead, helping you to keep CRM data clean while you qualify leads.

  • Set up lead lists that can be auto-updated via web enquiry forms
  • Actively update lead lists at marketing events with automated emails to nurture interest ready for your sales team to follow-up quickly post-event
  • Automatically identify if a new lead has had prior contact utilising built-in de-duplication
  • Pass sales-ready leads on with one click
  • Use powerful alerting to auto-create activities and alerts to ensure a timely response from your sales & marketing teams
  • Measure lead conversion rates and campaign ROI with ease

Campaign management

Using the central marketing hub you can manage anything from simple direct mail and multi-stage telemarketing campaigns, right up to a fully automated lead nurture series.

  • Forget various spreadsheets and marketing data across multiple systems; Gold-Vision gives you control to manage your marketing plans
  • Data is protected in a centrally controlled environment, ensuring compliance with local data regulations
  • Multi-stage campaigns are easy to create, with accurate ROI measurement built-in
  • Save time and increase data accuracy by segmenting your entire database by any CRM field to create campaigns fast
  • Automatically create follow up actions for your sales team and enjoy better results
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New_Campaign management

Event and booking management

Build on our integrated marketing approach to manage awareness, invitation and event follow up communications.

Manage event bookings quickly and accurately, updating your CRM system at the same time with new contacts.

Integrating Gold-Vision with your finance system allows flexible billing either as bookings are entered or after the event has occurred.

Email marketing

Combine intuitive and responsive drag-and-drop email design with full CRM integration for successful email marketing.

Segment recipients, send your email, then watch all click-throughs, opens and other email data automatically update against the relevant contacts in your CRM.

Using Gold-Vision’s integrated email marketing tool – Connect – you can enjoy all the benefits of a standalone marketing application, without the headache of managing an extra database.

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Marketing automation

Take the hassle out of campaign management with marketing automation. Intelligent targeting couldn’t be simpler for your sales team and marketers will find it easy and intuitive to use.

  • Automated workflows free up your team to work on converting leads
  • More than just email, automate scheduling of new activities or phone calls to follow-up on hot prospects
  • Personalise your marketing to deliver accurate, relevant messages to individual targets at the right time
  • Score engagement with marketing activities and receive alerts when prospects are ready for Sales to take over
  • Go further than managing pure digital interactions – CRM changes can update marketing outcomes in real-time.

Fully integrated, Gold-Vision’s marketing automation tools enable you to seamlessly combine your sales and marketing data to build a full picture of your contacts and send relevant and targeted campaigns

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Integrates with your essential marketing tools

“Our marketing team are now able to produce high quality messages that are targeted at different customer groups efficiently based on their products and preferences.”

Neil Maciver, Account Development Manager – TIMco

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