CRM return on investment: it’s payback time
To get a complete picture of the worth of your CRM investment, it’s essential that you also consider the potential impact a CRM can have on the teams in your business. We've written this eBook to help you do just that and explore how a CRM can help you build revenue, improve performance and bring teams together.
Manage your data like a pro
Piles upon piles of customer data are fed into your business every day from a wide variety of sources. The challenge for any business is managing this data in a way that can fully support and accelerate your key business processes. Sign up and you can download the complete guide to learn how.
Sales & marketing alignment: why CRM is key
CRM is key to achieving a successful sales and marketing alignment. Without it, teams run the risk of duplicated efforts, insufficient processes and increased workload. Download your copy of this eBook today to find out how you can successfully align your teams to increase revenue and improve your customer experience, whilst creating a more harmonious working environment.
Seven steps to social selling success
In recent years, B2B sales has changed almost beyond recognition. In response to this, our in-house social selling guru and Head of Customer Experience, Jiggy Patel, has combined her expertise with the learnings we gained as a company on our social selling journey to create this must-read guide. Download your copy today and discover how social selling can help your business build meaningful relationships and generate more leads.