Sales - Rich Insights

Rich insights

Intelligent touch point & lead scoring so you know where to focus your time and effort.

Sales - Easy Reporting

Easy reporting

Fast, accurate insights into sales pipelines and performance with unlimited dashboards & reports.

Sales - Fully mobile

Fully mobile

A complete CRM on your phone so you’re never without key info or functionality on the road.

Key features

Save time, improve the quality of your leads and increase revenue.

Pipeline management

Get a live view of your position to quickly understand the value and type of actual and forecast sales with Gold-Vision.

  • Set performance targets for your entire organisation, per team or per person
  • The Opportunities module provides a central hub for quotes and activities, allowing you to work more effectively
  • Drill down with one click for full opportunity details: who’s involved, recent emails, where the opportunity came from and what’s happening next

Team & data security management

Granular-level team security settings mean you can show individual teams as much or as little of your CRM as you want. Dynamic pages ensure that only the relevant information is displayed to the right people at the right time.

  • Allow users to access accounts, opportunities or projects related to their role, whilst shielding other areas of CRM
  • Remove/hide all references to unavailable/confidential data or system functionality

Sales automation

Gold-Vision’s workflow and alerts allow you to automate and enhance your current sales process. From simple reminder alerts through to fully automated and sophisticated processes, let Gold-Vision help you spend more time doing what you do best.

  • Set reminders for key account management tasks (e.g. contract renewals)
  • Automatically qualify out opportunities after a period of inactivity
  • Create a series of activities for correct team members with defined due dates and follow up on the creation of new opportunities

Lead scoring

Set up scoring for your website, allowing you to match visits to known leads, prospects and customers. Prioritise your team’s follow-up efforts for maximum results and align sales and marketing.

  • Create new leads from website visitors and automatically pick up dormant leads when they re-engage
  • Identify which leads you should be talking to through dynamic touch point scoring
  • Carry out marketing campaigns to high scoring leads, and create follow on actions for your sales team
Sales_Lead Scoring

Mobile CRM

Sell, contact and manage your relationships on the go. Get access to your live CRM information on any device, including integrated data from operational systems.

  • Make the most of mobile features, such as adding notes on the move with speech recognition
  • Sync your contacts, meetings and mail for offline use, ensuring you have all the information you need even when out of range of mobile signal
  • Set up automatic account sales summary updates to brief your team on the way to meetings
Sales_Mobile CRM

Price list management

Use one central database for your products and price lists. Gold-Vision includes multi-currency quoting functionality out-of-the-box. From simple, one-off quotes, to phased or serial quoting, Gold-Vision will keep track and auto-generate reference numbers reducing the admin burden on your teams.

  • Use product lists as a stand-alone tool or integrate Gold-Vision with your existing finance system to automatically calculate taxes, discounts, margins and totals
  • Seamlessly convert your pipeline into single-currency charts for top-level reporting
New_Price list management

Lead management

With Gold-Vision’s dedicated lead management tool you can capture, deduplicate, score, qualify and allocate your leads with ease.

Automatically capture leads from web forms, inbound IP tracking or live chat tools. Plus, you can import your trade show contacts, (purchased) lead lists and other prospect data, then allocate to your sales reps based on infographic criteria or lead scores.

These simple lead processes make marketing or telemarketing follow up easy, and marketing automation means that managing nurture campaigns become a cinch.

Learn more about lead management

Opportunity quoting

Using Gold-Vision’s workflows to build in approval processes and deliver high-quality quotes and proposals from any device will help to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Create template documents by team, ensuring your teams work to agreed standards of presentation. If quotes are not relevant to your process, then they simply disappear from Gold-Vision.

Plus, you can manage the process to sales order with the simplicity and flexibility that you need; with product and pricing lists working as stand-alone, or driven by your other business systems.

Learn more about quote management
New_Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards & reporting

It couldn’t be easier to create function or team specific dashboards and reports for quick and regular access. You can use dashboards in real-time to carry out sales meetings, allowing you to update targets as you go and reduce time-consuming meeting preparation and follow-up.

Choose from a range of standard charts for easy adoption, or generate your own to get fast and accurate insights on sales performance and see exactly what is relevant to you.

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Integrates with your essential sales tools

“Gold-Vision has made life more simple. It’s more expedient and it has opened the levels and chains of communication amongst all of those who use it”

Robert Bowden, Sales Account Manager

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