Customer Support - 360 Customer View

360o Customer view

All of your customer data in one place to give your call centre agents the full picture.

Customer Support - Secure Data

Secure data

Share confidential or sensitive data only with those that need to see it.

Customer Support - Manage Productivity

Manage productivity

Alert and share information with relevant team members to keep response times on track.

Key features

Intuitive data and communication management so you can focus on supporting customers, not needless admin.

Workflow & automation

Reduce waiting times for customers by automating key processes.

  • Automate emails when support cases are received, assigned, updated and closed
  • Automatically generate and provide customer reference numbers, so all replies will be linked to the original support ticket.
  • Receive alerts when high profile accounts raise support tickets so you can respond swiftly
  • Design support screens that will dynamically adapt based on issue type. Add custom scripts or links to relevant knowledgebase articles
  • Create workflow rules for issue assignment and progression

Single customer view

To deliver great customer support your team needs to know more than just the name of the person they’re talking to – they need the full picture.  

With Gold-Vision CRM, all of your customer data – from your first touchpoint to the last – is in one place. Your support agents will always have the latest information at their fingertips and can respond more efficiently and effectively than ever before

  • Customer interactions are automatically tracked and linked to their corresponding support tickets via integrations with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail
  • Integrate with LiveChat to view information about customers directly in your live chat window. Add new contacts from chats and import transcripts
  • Use powerful search tools to look through notes, live chat transcripts and emails to provide faster, better support
  • View and manage your support queue in real-time with drag and drop functionality for quick and easy updates. Incorporate workflows to update records or customers automatically
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New_Single Customer View

Help desk productivity

Share key information with the rest of your team at the click of a button to ensure everyone is kept in the loop throughout the resolution process. Gold-Vision can easily be configured to fit your own support processes giving your team access to a CRM tool shared across your business.

  • Create support tickets by type, service or product area
  • Set up teams for first and second responders and assign new support requests automatically
  • Prioritise key customers or key issues so that critical matters are dealt with first
  • Send reminders to your team when due dates on support tickets are approaching
  • Alert account managers of their customers’ support queries
  • Build resolution knowledge for future support reference
New_Helpdesk productivity

Track & search

View your customer interaction history to reduce friction and increase efficiency.

  • Data from email, LiveChat, social media and phone calls are all in one place
  • Add notes to on-going tickets and resolution outcomes
  • Link to/from other related tickets in your database
  • Use global search to quickly find related issues and outcomes
New_Track & Search

Dashboards & reports

Make your data count with easy-to-use, yet powerful, reporting. Keep track of productivity, and analyse your key support metrics and KPIs.

  • Set up dashboards and charts per helpdesk team, per customer service agent or per customer to monitor your customer service help desk day-to-day
  • Set targets for resolved customer service tickets per week or month and track in real time how your agents are performing
  • Create charts to ensure workload is balanced evenly among your team, identify areas for improvement and highlight top performers
  • Define targets for closed support tickets to help motivate your support agents
  • Compare your product launches or promotions with peaks in the volume of customer service queries, then use them to anticipate and plan for the future
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New_Dashboards & Reports

Portal integration

Extend your support process directly out to your customers with the Gold-Vision portal integration. Improve your teams’ productivity, remove call queues for your customers and increase satisfaction all round!

Using a CRM solution to record customer issues is one thing, but now you can integrate the information required to solve the issue as well, meaning the answers you need are always at your fingertips. For example, “When is my machine going to be delivered?” may be stored in an ERP solution. By integrating order information into your CRM you end up with quicker response times and happier customers.

If the information is in Gold-Vision, it can be made available to your customer via a customer portal. As a result, they can find the answer themselves, saving everyone time.

You decide whether to work from our standard framework portal or to work with our experienced development team to customize it to your own processes. Either way, you will revolutionise your support processes in no time.

New_Team Management

Team management

Only want your support team to see certain information? Not a problem.

Gold-Vision allows you to design screens on a team or individual basis – so you can ensure that the right information is always available to those that need it, and hidden from those that don’t.

Built-in data privacy management tools also mean you never need to worry about whether or not your data handling is compliant with legislation.

Integrates with your essential customer support tools

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“We find Gold-Vision CRM a vital tool for all our client facing operations – including communications, technical support and account management.”

Brian Miller, Sales & Marketing Director – Wilde Analysis

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