Following a successful audit in January 2023, we have achieved ISO 27001 certification for the seventh year in a row. Whilst an audit is conducted annually, this year we were due the full re-check of all our security processes in ISO’s three-yearly evaluation.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard for running IT systems securely. It lays out a best practice approach that helps organisations manage their information security – looking at approaches to people, processes and technology. And while it isn’t something that organisations have to do, it demonstrates to other businesses or customers wanting to work with you a serious commitment to security.

It’s a reflection of our team’s commitment to good processes and best practice

“Gaining our ISO 27001 recertification is a key part of our business and something we are proud to achieve. It’s a reflection of our team’s commitment to good processes and best practices across all that they do, from development right through to customer support. That we have been recertified with no major or minor non-conformities shows that our processes, both in their documentation and their delivery, work well and are thoroughly understood throughout our business. Being ISO 27001 certified is an ongoing indicator to our current and potential customers that we understand information security and know how to deliver it.”

Tim Beresford – Operations Director

What does it mean for our customers?

Having this accreditation is proof that we stick to our word and consistently deliver on our promises. We pride ourselves on providing professional, high-quality solutions delivered by in-house experts who genuinely care about your business needs. Most importantly, we don’t pass the buck.

Take our hosted environment as an example. Not only is it secure (housing all data in tier 4 data centres) but we also offer a back up service that many of our competitors do not. You can contact our team directly and we will take your system back before the mistake occurred. We can take your system back to before an issue occurred in increments of 15 minutes, up to 7 days before the issue happened.

With other providers, you would get your back up, but only after facing a long wait and astronomical costs. Ultimately, giving you the message that they are not responsible for your data.

Committed to your information security

Our attitude to ISO 27001 is what differentiates us from the average organisation that has only achieved it to tick a box. We embrace the ISO principles of continuous improvement and learning from experience, and a “whole company” approach to security as a fundamental, not a bolt-on. As a result, we have avoided major issues and any external threats or operational issues are examined and used to strengthen training, technology and process.

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