Events - Integrated Billing

Integrated billing

Manage payments without leaving your CRM.

Events - Reduced Workloads

Reduced workloads

Intelligent workflows & alerts manage the heavy lifting.

Events - Real Time Data

Real-time data

No more guessing with always up-to-date information, in one place.

Key features

Manage your events, conferences or training courses in one place across the full lifecycle.

Event management

Gold-Vision’s Events module is flexible enough to manage a variety of events, such as simple client seminars, multi-session events over a number of days, or perhaps training courses with distinct modules. 

  • Use API’s to power website integration and automatically update your website with current events by type, date or location
  • Choose from either our framework portal tool or our optional Eventbrite integration to manage online bookings and attendee interactions
  • Save time and automate invoicing through one of our financial system integrations
  • Build on our integrated marketing approach to manage your event’s awareness, invitations and follow up communications

Team & task management

Enhance collaboration and reduce the workload for event organisers with automated workflows and activity reminders based on real-time information.

  • Trigger reminders to book certain materials or contact speakers, upon the creation of new events
  • Set alerts for when events are selling out fast or below minimum thresholds by go/no-go dates
  • Keep everyone in the loop by broadcasting key updates and information to relevant team members

Booking & delegate management

Manage booking and attendance records, store dietary requirements, and collate event feedback all in one place.

  • Powerful filtering and segmenting of your customer or member data to ensure that you focus on the most relevant attendees
  • Take bookings quickly and accurately, updating your CRM system at the same time with new contacts
  • Integrate with your finance system for flexible billing, either as bookings are entered or after the event has occurred
  • Integrate with Eventbrite to continuously update bookings, automatically create new records & update existing contacts and accounts in your Gold-Vision CRM

Event success analysis

Forecast revenue and analyse ROI for chargeable events with built-in dashboards and reporting.

  • Compare events or training courses month-by-month or year-by-year
  • See which events produce the best leads and conversion rates

Event marketing

Gold-Vision Marketing enables you to communicate with your delegates & speakers throughout the event lifecycle – from invitations and registration to post-event follow-up.

It’s fully integrated so email and landing page engagement is immediately visible in your CRM, while intelligent marketing automation frees up your teams to focus on generating more demand.

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“Because our data is so well organised in Gold-Vision, we are able to segment our sources and send highly targeted campaigns for future events.”

Kimberly Carsok, Project Manager – OTSA

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