Gold-Vision allows you to create quotes easily so you can win more business and manage your team's real-time pipeline in detail. Be confident that your team is sending high quality quotes to their prospects.

Easy template building

Create error-free quotes in minutes from within Gold-Vision. Send them to customers from your desktop or tablet.

Quotes can be customised with pre-set content blocks, tags and images in approved Word or PDF templates.

Product lists

Have one central database for your product list. Include these products in quotes and Gold-Vision will automatically calculate taxes, discounts, margins and totals.

Use product lists as a stand alone tool or integrate Gold-Vision with your existing finance system.

Serial quoting

From simple to phased or serial quoting, Gold-Vision will keep track and auto-generate reference numbers.

Time-phased quotes will be taken into account, so your monthly forecasting figures are always correct.

Multi-currency quotes

Gold-Vision includes multi-currency quoting functionality out-of-the-box.

Even better, your pipeline can be seamlessly converted into single-currency charts for top level reporting. 

View your pipeline

Opportunities and quotes in Gold-Vision give you a real-time detailed view of your position and your team's pipeline.

Multiple quotes per opportunity will never be double counted, making effective sales pipeline management easier than ever before. 

Follow up on quotes

Streamline your sales process by fitting your opportunity and quote stages to your own business processes. Receive alerts when quotes are overdue or inactive for a long time.

Gold-Vision is easily customisable to your organisation.

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