Quoting made simple

Making sure that every quote generated by your business is on-brand and accurate is easy with Gold-Vision CRM. Create branded quotes in just a few clicks and streamline your sales cycle with our quote templates.

Optional integration with e-sign technology, such as Adobe Sign can improve the speed and efficiency of getting signed orders. Choose from a variety of templates, simply complete, and send!

Whether you want to create one, multiple or serial quotes per opportunity, you don’t need to worry about double counting the pipeline values. Plus, Gold-Vision quotes use auto-numbering to ensure proper version control at all times.

Full product database

You can use Gold-Vision to manage your full product database which can then be used for quoting purposes.  Products can either be imported or manually created. You can also synchronise your existing customers, suppliers and products with Gold-Vision using one of our finance integrations.

When adding products to a quote, you can choose to modify the product discount, price, tax and quantity for each product individually so that your quote can reflect any bespoke offers or deals you have agreed with your customer.

You also have the option of adding Custom Quote Items option which is really handy for those occasions where you need to quote for a one-off product that doesn’t appear in your standard products list.

Set your own pricing rules

With Gold-Vision, your sales team can create quotes in multiple currencies and access comprehensive price list options.

  • Discounts can be applied to individual products quickly using the handy inline edit feature. You can also use this tool to update the quantities and prices for each product
  • Price lists allow you to provide specific pricing for an account and can be set up to provide a percentage discount for an account e.g. 10% on all products. Alternatively, you can select specific prices per product

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