Increase email delivery rates, improve your sender reputation and advance customer reputation. Email Validation from Loqate is the most reliable way to verify single, or multiple emails in your database.

Loqate email validation integration for
Gold-Vision CRM

This integration works by checking through email addresses stored against a Contact or Lead in real time, or through a batch cleansing process. It intelligently verifies that a mailbox exists, and that it can receive emails. To show the status of an address, icons are applied against the email in your list view, making them clear and easy to view at a glance. You can also quickly filter by validation status – a handy tool when fixing invalid addresses or creating Campaign source lists!

Maximise your marketing efforts

By using Loqate Email Validation, marketing teams can enjoy improved campaign results ad benefits including:

  • Better email deliverability and reduced bounce rates
  • A positive sender reputation
  • Prevention of emails being automatically blocked or placed in spam folders
  • Less guesswork and better forecasting for email campaign KPIs

Key benefits

  • Validate single or multiple email addresses within one unified view
  • The ability to set your own criteria and rules for validation results, including which users can use the validation tool within your Gold-Vision instance
  • Improve marketing campaign results with more deliverability and fewer bounces

If you are interested in setting up a Loqate integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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Type Data enrichment, Email
Best for Sales & Marketing Teams