The Fine Cheese Co. has over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing and retailing high quality, traditionally made British artisan cheeses. The Fine Cheese Co. pride themselves in supporting independent retailers and restaurants and have their products stocked in over 600 delicatessens throughout the UK as well in 30 countries overseas. Providing outstanding customer service is imperative to the company’s unrivalled reputation within the industry and is ever-evolving as they continue to produce and export their goods across the globe.

Steve Rowe (IT & Systems Manager) looks after all things infrastructure and security-based at the Fine Cheese Co. and has been with the business for just over 3 years. In this time, Steve has taken responsibility for looking after systems and processes, including working alongside Gold-Vision in their implementation of Gold-Vision 8.

Robert Bowden (Sales Account Manager) has been with the business for 4 years, starting as an Account Manager and progressing to manager for the UK wholesale team. Robert works to ensure that he manages a positive, happy team whilst providing outstanding service to customers.

The Fine Cheese Co. has been a customer of Gold-Vision for over 11 years and has recently upgraded from their on-premise Gold-Vision 7 system to Gold-Vision 8, which has seen the company move to our cloud-based hosting option.

In the food manufacturing and retail industry, you need a CRM system…

“There’s no way you could properly function without it. I think you’d constantly be out on the road, not being able to leave pertinent notes about what you’ve discussed, and it would just get lost over time amongst paperwork (if it’s been handwritten) or in your inbox.”

Working across a sector as wide as the food industry, there isn’t always the luxury of speaking to the same contact from the same company each time a visit or call is made. Therefore CRM has become critical to maintaining The Fine Cheese Co.’s high-quality reputation, not only as a manufacturer and retailer but as a seller, in ensuring that communication is efficient and beneficial for both parties.

Key features for The Fine Cheese Co. include

Notes on the go

“Notes allow Account Coordinators to become more familiar with accounts, including what conversations are going on and customer preferences etc. This has made us think more about our processes and defining them, as opposed to them just slotting in.”

The Fine Cheese Co. operate their sales with a team of office-based Account Coordinators who support Account Managers that are often out on the road, conducting customer visits. The Notes and Broadcasting tool, along with the ability to use Gold-Vision on any device, allows Account Managers to record notes against an Account or Contact easily – whether they are on a visit or at work. These notes act as a resource for the Account Coordinators to become more familiar with an account and converse with the customer if needed.

Correspondence & Account Management

“Email tracking has been one of the biggest things for us. Whether we’ve had people leave for maternity, move department or had new starters, we’re able to see exactly where things have left off.”

Email tracking has been one of the most beneficial features of Gold-Vision for The Fine Cheese Co., as it allows everyone in the business to follow a whole email trail of previous correspondence – even if it isn’t the account owner. This has been particularly beneficial during the onboarding process of new staff members. It means that new team members can get to grips with an account, whilst ensuring that customers are still getting an uninterrupted and unrivalled service.

Gold-Vision’s Activities and to-do list function enables the Fine Cheese team to manage account growth, as well as organise scheduled call-backs and account reviews. These features also make the process of repeat orders a breeze, with all the information in one single location.

Other key areas include

  • The ability to report on information like prospect to customer conversion rates and present this information in Dashboards
  • Being able to complete bulk uploads, especially for a business with so many customers and so much history
  • The Fine Cheese Co. has found that being able to create to-do lists for yourself and other employees has been a great benefit to those who prefer having a structure or visual reminder of tasks that need completing

Benefits of upgrading to Gold-Vision 8

Since the upgrade, The Fine Cheese Co. have found their system easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and simpler to onboard new users. They’ve also found it easier to determine who their prospects are and target them with relevant content, resulting in an improvement in prospect to customer conversions. There’s also been benefits internally, with user engagement improving ten-fold due to the user-intuitive nature and much-improved screen design and layout.

Looking ahead

The Fine Cheese Co. would like to delve further into Gold-Vision’s Marketing modules to organise materials and run campaigns. They also intend to make more use of the multi-device capability in order to use their CRM on tablets and mobiles at trade shows. This will enable them to create specific lead lists and capture live information throughout the event, rather than having to manually scan passes and enter data after the event. Another tool The Fine Cheese Co. want to use at future trade shows is the touch point tracking tool. This will allow them to track the live buzz around an event, paying particular attention to anyone mentioning their business.

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