Fully integrated with your CRM

The Gold-Vision Portal enables you to share key CRM data with your customers, giving the perfect balance of customer self-service, direct support and communication.

If a customer updates information in your portal, the information is automatically fed through to your CRM – keeping contacts and preferences up to date. If a support ticket is raised, it is automatically logged in Gold-Vision as an Activity. This acts as a two-way communication opportunity, as customers can track ongoing support cases or projects.

Customer self-service

The function for customers to login to a Portal and self-serve aspects of their account, such as updating basic contact, site and profile information, is simple and convenient.

Customers no longer have to wait for a customer service agent to help them fulfil these simple tasks, which also benefits your team, giving them more time to focus on the more demanding and in-depth queries and resolutions.

Gold-Vision Portal automatically feeds logged information into your CRM system, allowing users to easily view, assign and update support activities. If configured as such, customers can see the status of a support ticket which eliminates the need for follow-up phone calls. On the other hand, if customers wish to submit additional information, they can do so by using Notes to leave messages and include attachments.

Customisable to meet your business needs

Gold-Vision Portal is completely flexible to reflect your business needs. You can easily customise your Portal with logo, font and colour choices to ensure that it’s in-line with brand guidelines and preferences. With this customisability, customers can enjoy a seamless user experience that lives up to their expectations of a sleek and recognisable interface.

Businesses also have power over the types of pages available on their Portal, whether they be Account or Activity based. Account pages (that appear as tabs in the frontend) can include account, contact and profile management. Activity pages on the other hand could offer areas such as customer support and project management – it’s up to you.

Within each Portal page you decide to configure, you have the power to pick and choose which fields are visible to the customer, as well as information and interactions you wish to share with them. Using Role Group Management, you can also select the pages that are visible to which of your customers and this can be set at an individual Contact level.

There are currently two types of portal pages available:


The Account page acts as a self-service area for customers to update:

  • Account & Sites – View, update and add new details such as billing and delivery addresses
  • Contacts – Add new contact details such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, update job titles and select user preferences
  • Profiles – Manage inventory items, licensees, warranty details, and more


The Activity page gives customers the ability to view or create activities, as well as add and see notes and attachments using Gold-Vision.

Examples for the Activity page includes a customer support area, project and service management. You choose what fields to show on the portal page based on the information and interactions that are key to your customers.

Any changes made on an Account or Activity page will be automatically updated within your main Gold-Vision system.


  • Improved customer satisfaction and experience
  • Reduced waiting times for support
  • Improved workload for customer service agents who can focus on more complex issues as opposed to updating basic information such as contact details
  • Two-way communication between your customers and agents. Customers can add notes and attachments within the Activity Portal and also see any notes created your support agents or other Gold-Vision users
  • Opportunity to upsell services and increase revenue

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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