Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows you to contact the right people at the right time. Email marketing, engagement scoring, lead nurturing and analytics are all fully integrated in CRM. It is easy to use for marketers, and easy to understand for everyone else.

Make marketing more efficient and targeted.

Full integration in CRM

Gold-Vision seamlessly combines your sales and marketing data to build a full picture of your contacts. Easy access to all CRM data allows you to send relevant and targeted campaigns.

Insights gained through marketing automation are immediately visible in CRM, and actionable across your business. Find out what each individual is interested in, and use it to increase conversion.

Automate workflows

Introduce new customers to your business using an onboarding series.

Automate up-selling campaigns to customers who purchased one of your products or services.

Remind customers that their annual subscription date is coming up, or automate a re-engagement series for cold leads.

More than just email

Gold-Vision marketing automation does more than just emails. Automate activities or phone calls to follow-up on hot opportunities.

Score lead and prospect engagement, and receive alerts when prospects are ready for a personal call.

Personalise marketing

Benefit from the full integration with CRM and Connect email marketing to go beyond simple remarketing.

Deliver personalised and accurate messages to specific targets at the right time.


Nurture your leads

Nurture leads to a pre-defined level before automatically passing on to sales.

If the lead is still not ready-to-buy, sales can pop them back in the nurture cycle to develop further.

Increase revenue

Marketing automation makes intelligent targeting easy for your sales team.

Create your own criteria to pass hot leads or prospects on to sales at the optimum moment. Don’t stop at leads, but re-engage your customers with triggered up-selling workflows to increase your revenue.

Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Hit your ROI targets with ease using quick dashboard reporting alongside highly customisable analytics.

As your marketing automation sits within CRM, you are able to measure value from the first contact right through to final conversion.

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