Get more leads, win more business

Streamline your lead generation

Gold-Vision CRM and Marketing work together to form one, streamlined lead generation solution.

Your marketing team can create engaging and effective landing pages and forms that seamlessly feed into Gold-Vision CRM’s lead management area.

Thanks to this (and our unique de-duplication tool) your sales team benefit from a healthy supply of good quality leads.

Create microsites or standalone campaign pages in just a few clicks!

Choose from a variety of landing page templates to get you started or create your own from scratch with our drag-and-drop editor.


  • Build landing pages quickly with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Create forms for lead capture in a couple of clicks


  • Personalise pages using CRM data
  • Add your SEO title and meta description


  • Leads from landing pages are automatically added to lead lists in Gold-Vision CRM
  • Qualify in CRM and promote to sales for follow-up

Simplify your lead nurturing

Add recipients to live lists and send targeted engagement based on demographics and actions. For example, you could:

  • Segment and target by industry, region, or any other available field in Gold-Vision CRM
  • Or create nurture rules based on lead demographics and engagement

To help you keep track of how your nurture series will work we’ve also built a visual workflow tool that you can use to map it all out.

Score the results

Lead scoring is made simple with our traffic-light system. It’s important to highlight the warm and hot leads in your pipeline and understand changes in engagement trends.

  • Score leads based on sales and marketing touch point engagement
  • Easily identify warm vs. cold leads to help work out what comes next (do they need more time or are they ready for a sales call?)
  • Identify and report on positive or negative trends in scores

Improve your bottom-line

What happens when you put all of this together?

  • Marketing can efficiently create nurture campaigns that generate great leads
  • Live engagement views and marketing insights make it crystal clear when a lead moves from an MQL to an SQL
  • Sales can follow up on leads quickly with the help of automatic assignments by Gold-Vision CRM

The results? No more wasted time for your sales and marketing teams, more engaged leads, and increased sales.

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