Complete digital
marketing management

Plan your campaigns, share the workload

Gold-Vision Marketing offers a variety of tools to make managing your campaigns simple:

  • Create and manage tasks, and assign them to team members
  • Keep track of publishing and sign off using draft and published statuses

Unleash your creative side

Now it’s the fun bit – time to build your campaign elements!

Design your emails and/or landing pages using our intuitive drag-and-drop editors or choose from our library of templates to save some time.

Brand kits

How you use the Brands area is up to you. Separate your marketing by company brand, product, category, or geographic location… whatever makes the most sense for your business.


  • Create brands to organise your products, services, or businesses
  • Segment reporting and engagement by brand


  • Build consistency with email and landing page templates
  • Speed up content creation by creating saved rows
  • Use versioning, drafts, and sign-off to help maintain your high standards

Styles & assets

  • Upload your images to the asset library and organise them into folders
  • Import free images from Pexels
  • Build your brand style using colours, logos, and images

Enhance campaigns with marketing automation

Combine the power of CRM data, workflows and email triggers to reach your target audience with the right message, at the right time.

  • Link emails and events together
  • Automate follow-ups for lead nurture
  • Score engagements automatically
  • Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

Measure, optimise, repeat

Built-in reporting and dashboards help you quickly analyse the performance of your campaigns to make smarter decisions, prove the effectiveness of your designs and make budget decisions.

  • Report on email engagement
  • Track landing page traffic
  • Keep an eye on conversions

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