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Get more leads,
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Generate leads and nurture prospects and customers with a range of different marketing automation options.

Lead generation

Gold-Vision unifies your lead generation. Easily capture leads using landing pages, ad campaigns, social, or in-person and manage them together in one solution.

Our unique de-duplication makes separating the wheat from the chaff simple, meaning your sales team can quickly focus on the best leads.

The unified solution means sales and marketing alignment for lead management comes as standard.

Landing pages

Landing pages are brand new in Gold-Vision Marketing. Use landing pages to create microsites that market your products/services and capture engagement in the form of call-outs, content downloads, and lead generation.

Landing pages

  • Build landing pages
  • Add capture and conversion forms
  • Personalise pages using CRM data

Lead capture

  • Leads from landing pages are automatically added to CRM
  • Qualify in CRM and promote to sales

Sharing & SEO

  • Dedicated SEO and sharing data fields
  • Share landing pages through PPC, social, or directly with prospects

Automated nurture

Lead and prospect nurturing is made simple with our new tools. Add recipients to live lists and send targeted engagement based on demographics and actions.

  • Segment and target by industry, region, or other category.
  • Create nurture rules based on lead demographics and engagement
  • Map the rules out using our powerful workflow tool
  • Drive recipients to landing pages for conversion

Scoring & touch points

Lead scoring is made simple with our traffic-light system. It’s important to highlight the warm and hot leads in your pipeline and understand changes in engagement trends.

  • Score leads based on sales & marketing touch point engagement
  • Easily identify warm vs. cold leads to focus on the best leads
  • Identify and report on positive or negative trends in scores

Help sales win!

Integration with CRM means your sales team can engage with leads quickly and benefit from marketing insights.

Leads captured via landing pages can be assigned automatically and your sales team notified for quick engagement. Marketing insights inform sales of prospect intent.

Live engagement views mean your sales team can engage with prospects just when they’re ready to buy!

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Complete digital campaign management

All of your digital marketing needs are met, with brand management, email and landing page design spaces and full campaign overviews.

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Full CRM integration. Any item, any field.

Fully integrated with Gold-Vision CRM, users can create data sources from any field or item and personalise emails with merge tags.

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Want to know more?

When will Gold-Vision Marking be available?
We’re in the final stages of release for the product. Expect to see Gold-Vision Marketing at the beginning of 2024.
How do I access Gold-Vision Marketing?
The Marketing product will automatically be available to all Gold-Vision users and you will be able to log in using your existing account.
What is the pricing?
The “Starter” tier of Gold-Vision Marketing will be freely available to Gold-Vision CRM customers and offer the core functionality. There are “Plus” and “Ultimate” paid-for tiers available at launch. See more detailed pricing information here.
I’m an existing “Connect” customer – can I transfer?
Naturally we have a plan in place to aid customers of our existing marketing product Gold-Vision Connect.
Can I get a demo?
If you’d like a sneak-peak please contact us for a demo. We also have a pre-launch webinar coming soon where we’ll show more.
I can’t wait – can I get early access?
Yes – there are opportunities to gain early access to the product where appropriate. Please let us know if you’re interested in early access.

On-Demand: Pre-release showcase

Learn more about the upcoming release in our On-Demand Pre-Release Showcase webinar!

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