Seamless integration. Endless possibilities

Integration reimagined

One of the most powerful and important elements of Gold-Vision Marketing is how it integrates with Gold-Vision CRM.

As software authors of both products, we were able to build a first-class integration that not only removes any need to manually import/export data but also allows access to almost all levels of data in the system.

Gold-Vision Marketing allows for unlimited personalisation options by giving users full access to the CRM data fields.

360-degree data sources

Generate fully integrated, live data sources from anywhere within CRM. Including leads, prospects, customers, sales pipeline, projects, jobs, memberships – you name it! Combine data sources to build your e-mail recipients list using powerful include and exclude rules.

Any item, any field!

  • Create data sources from any CRM list
  • Use any field from any item to generate email marketing data
  • Creating emails for orders, quotes, projects, – you name it – is now possible!


  • Unlimited personalisation options
  • Build merge fields at a brand, template, or email level
  • Personalise landing pages with recipient data
  • Subscription and preference management

Live data

  • Use “live” data sources to drive automation
  • Changes in CRM automatically drive marketing events
  • Chain live data sources or emails together to create powerful automation

Lead capture

When you create a lead capture form on a landing page in Gold-Vision Marketing the leads are automatically and instantly injected into CRM. Workflow and notifications can be built on top of your CRM leads to assign leads or notify teams instantly – promoting that all-important rapid engagement. The integration also allows for integrated reporting.

Marketing insights

Marketing events and insight data are automatically visible in CRM.

  • New “Marketing Insights” view in CRM shows all engagement on a per-item basis
  • Updated touch point scoring system is simpler and more visual
  • In-line touch point history and trend analysis in contact lists
  • Use insights to drive sales engagement – focus on the right leads, and win more business

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