Paragon Design specialise in bespoke joinery for commercial interiors, covering a variety of sectors including banking, gaming and leisure.

Operating since the ’80s, Paragon’s team use their joinery expertise along with innovative designs to create high quality, state of the art work spaces.

The need for a CRM system

The Paragon Design team have been Gold-Vision users since 2012, and recently upgraded their system. Paragon’s reasons for upgrading their system include:

  • Wanting to improve their quoting process to make quote generation quicker and simpler
  • The ability to format quotes professionally using Gold-Vision’s document templates
  • A modern, but simple and easy to use interface to help the team focus on closing deals
  • Paragon’s sales team are avid mobile users, and so they were keen to find a solution where they could easily update information on mobile phones and tablets

Top 3 CRM Benefits

1. Producing quick quotes

Paragon’s quotes are detailed, and often extensive due to the level of bespoke work they undertake.

Since upgrading to the latest version of Gold-Vision, the team have noticed a real improvement in the ability to quickly and easy create formatted quotes for their prospects, using Gold-Vision’s Quoting, Product Management and Document Template features. The ‘copy quote’ feature has made the process even more seamless and efficient, with the ability to produce and send quotes to customers on any device.

Paragon can easily edit and update their suite of quote templates using Microsoft Word to output data in a professional format. Even their customers have commented on the well presented quotes they’re sent via Gold-Vision!

2. Forecast reports & dashboards

With Gold-Vision’s Reporting tools, Paragon Design have been able to reduce the amount of spreadsheets they were using and manually updating.

The team have also created a variety of different Dashboards, including their unique “Win Plan” dashboard. This is used in sales meetings so the team can see up-to-date and live sales information, which helps them to dynamically review and update their opportunities.

3. Easy screen design configuration

The user-intuitive features in Gold-Vision have saved the Paragon team lots of time. They can quickly and easily change their screen design without the need to book in extra time with a consultant, making the system fully customisable for new projects and targets.

Looking Ahead

Paragon Design’s next steps with Gold-Vision include making use of the Flows View within our Project Management modules. This functionality will allow the team to easily drag and drop enquiries between different stages in the sales journey to update records in real-time. The team are also looking into working with our Projects Team to complete some bespoke work on Alerting, and to build some more advanced Dashboards.

Future work with Gold-Vision includes looking into integrating with Paragon’s project management software. This will help the team manage the designs of their secure projects once a sale is made, with all the information they need available within one unified view.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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