Keep things consistent

Ensuring that your team are using letter, proposal or contract formats is made simple with Gold-Vision’s document management features.

Your team can generate Word documents with one click from almost any item by using predefined Word Templates (.dot) files. Gold-Vision will automatically save the document against the record you have generated it from so that it can be viewed and updated as needed. These templates can also be used when running letter-based mail campaigns.

The stress of making sure that all of the data included in your templates is absolutely accurate is eliminated with the help of Gold-Vision “tags”. These “tags” are automatically populated with the corresponding data from Gold-Vision when you output your document.

Save time with centrally stored documents

Store and share documents from within your CRM to save time and keep all your important project documents in one central store – both incoming and outgoing.

For example, you can store shared documents against a particular project, such as key template documents, so that your team can access them quickly and all from within one platform. Gold-Vision will also automatically create relevant folders for your documents to save you time.

You can also link files, folders or web links to any item on Gold-Vision, making it easier for your team to get to the right information quickly.

This can be enhanced further with our SharePoint integration which allows for your Gold-Vision documents to be stored in a Sharepoint Online “site” and accessed through the product. 

Choose from a variety of output options

When you create a document in Gold-Vision, you will have a number of options available to you when it comes to exporting it out.

  • Save your document to a file for future reference
  • Download the file to your local device
  • Send as an email to use the document’s contents as the body of an email
  • Attach a copy of the document to an email
  • Send as an eSign document using something like our Adobe Sign integration

Your team can also generate documents in bulk from most Gold-Vision lists – meaning that they will be able to generate many documents quickly and at once from a filtered list, saving them time and making their lives easier.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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