Automate daily tasks

From simple alerting on notes or activities to more sophisticated alerting on data in your system, Gold-Vision’s workflow and alerting functionality will help you keep on top of your sales figures and manage your team’s workload.

The simple process builder allows you to automate key processes to create follow-up items, alerts, emails or trigger additional internal or external processes.

Help your projects run smoothly

At any time you might have multiple teams working on the same project in different capacities. Using Gold-Vision, you can configure permission settings and workflow easily to ensure that your project is delivered on time and to the highest quality.

  • Automate the generation of project activities, perhaps depending on project type, on setup
  • Send automatic notifications to alert users to project events or activity.
  • Improve status reliability by having it updated exclusively on completion of the relevant stage activities
  • Integrated dashboards and reporting give you and your team a new insight on your projects and reduce the reliance on spreadsheets.

Reach out to leads at the perfect time

Using touch point alerts, Gold-Vision can help your sales team act fast and keep ahead of your competition when it comes to actioning promising leads.

For example, you can use touch point alerts to notify the lead owner when one of their leads reaches a score over a certain value. This equips each member of your sales team with the power to contact their leads at the moment they are most likely to convert.

These automatic alerts can reach your team in a variety of ways, such as raising an alert in Gold-Vision or automatically sending an email to the lead owner. Set it up based on your unique business needs.

Reduce customer waiting times

Automate key customer support processes to reduce waiting times and improve the overall experience of your customers.

  • Automate emails when support cases are received, assigned, updated and closed
  • Receive alerts when high profile accounts raise support tickets so you can respond swiftly
  • Design support screens that will dynamically adapt based on issue type. Add custom scripts or links to relevant knowledgebase articles
  • Create workflow rules for issue assignment and progression

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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