Campaign management


Create multi-stage campaigns from right within CRM. Segment your database, market to them with online and offline tools and measure ROI automatically.


Campaign builder

Create a hub for your marketing activity with the campaign builder. Create fast and easy campaigns, or multi-stage campaigns to suit your strategy.

It is quick and simple to create follow up activities for account or sales managers. ROI is simple to measure, with won sales and event bookings showing against each campaign stage.

Dynamic CRM integration

Save the hassle of managing multiple databases. Updated contact details are dynamically updated and it's much easier to measure hard sales as a result of marketing activity.

Gold-Vision has been built with B2B in mind. Know everything from our workflow and automation through to the email marketing suite has been written to suit B2B sales and marketing processes.

Choose your format

Use any of the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Outlook or Gmail bulk sending
  • Telephone
  • Postal
  • SMS

Or export a CSV file for a third-party tool.

Campaign sources

Move closer to targeted and personalised messages with campaign sources. Segment your entire database by any field to create a source, then combine and exclude sources in each campaign stage.

Highly flexible, sources allow you to choose exactly who should recieve each message.

Integrated email marketing

Design beautiful campaigns with Connect, Gold-Vision's fully featured email marketing suite. Fully integrated with CRM, it makes campaigns fast, accurate and measurable.

Email interactions such as clicks and opens are automatically synced back into CRM, with the option to score and react to anything you like.


Marketing automation

Design triggered multi-stage campaigns with time delays and automatic follow on stages.

Changes in CRM can add contacts into campaigns without intervention, allowing new customers to receive a welcome series and follow on call from their account manager or leads with a high score to be called by your sales team.


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