Established in 1959, T-T Pumps is one of the UK’s leading companies in design, manufacture, supply and installation of pumps, controls, valves, environmental products and systems.

The need for a CRM system

T-T Pumps have been a Gold-Vision customer for over 15 years! Their initial key requirements for a CRM solution were:

  • A simple-to-use system
  • Automatic synchronisation with Outlook
  • Built-in email marketing capabilities
  • Integration with their in-house finance solution
  • The ability to manage service tickets

Recently T-T Pumps have made the move from an on-premise installation to the Gold-Vision Cloud, which provides more security and less maintenance for the team. Gold-Vision is now accessible wherever the team are, on any device.

Top 3 CRM Benefits

1. Access anywhere, at any time

Gold-Vision provides a flexible and simple solution, accessible on any device from any location to ensure service maintenance jobs can be seamlessly managed.

Engineers can leave written or voice-recorded Notes against an Account or Project whilst on the road to make sure that everything is reported and up-to-date.

2. Efficient Activity delegation

T-T Pumps use Gold-Vision to manage Pump service notifications for their products. When emails are received by their service desk, Gold-Vision automatically creates an Activity, which is assigned to an off-site engineer with an SMS text alert to notify them. As T-T Pump engineers work on callouts, this functionality ensures they have the most up-to-date information regarding servicing requirements and issues. Not only is this process incredibly efficient, but it also enables to the team to be highly responsive with their customers and their needs.

Google Maps integration

Gold-Vision’s Google Maps integration works to provide engineers with the information they need to plan their routine service visits, with up-to-date customer location and route planning tools.

3. Email Tracking & Notes

Gold-Vision’s email tracking ensures all communications are tracked and shared, ensuring a first class customer experience is provided when enquiries are received. This feature also helps engineers on-the-go as they can easily trace back through previous conversations, and notes from prior services.

T-T Pumps also make use of Gold-Vision’s built-in marketing platform to send out product updates to their customers and highlight key messaging such as their environmental considerations and local manufacturing. In their Cheshire-based office, the team make great use of their Gold-Vision Dashboards by displaying them on large screens around the office, keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest stats and figures!

Looking Ahead

T-T Pumps’ upgrade to the latest version of Gold-Vision will continue to benefit the team over time, and the system’s modern interface will help them streamline processes even further. Later this year, T-T Pumps are also looking to integrate their Gold-Vision system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which will enable them to have increased sales and financial visibility of their key accounts.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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