CRM hosted your way

Gold-Vision CRM can be hosted on our secure cloud, in your own private cloud or installed on-premises. We understand that each business has different requirements, so the choice is yours.

Hosting_our cloud Gold-Vision Cloud
Hosting_your cloud Your Cloud
On-site training On-Premises
On our servers, in our cloud
On your preferred cloud partner’s servers
On your internal network
Hardware & infrastructure
Managed by us
Managed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Software updates
Managed by us
Scheduled roll-outs
Scheduled roll-outs
Data backups & security
Maintained by us
Managed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Availability, reliability & speed
Guaranteed by us
Guaranteed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Standard & Club options
Standard & Club options
Club option
Minimum users
Advantages of the Gold-Vision cloud

Advantages of the Gold-Vision Cloud

  • High availability with automatic updates applied on a regular basis
  • A fully scalable system without the need for new hardware investment
  • Huge range of out of the box features without the hassle of lots of 3rd party tools
  • Secure systems installed in your chosen location with datacentres in the UK and Canada
  • Class-leading backup, restore & disaster recovery processes
  • Quality review backed by ISO 27001 accreditation

Common questions

What if I would prefer or need to install on a different cloud environment or on-premises?
No problem! We can install and support you if you need to operate a different hosting model that you manage more closely. Some of our longer-term customers have operated successfully in this way over many years and, unlike many of our competitors, it is a viable option if you do not wish to fully hosted by us. We simply have a 10 user minimum for customers who are installed outside the Gold-Vision Cloud.
What if I need to move my Gold-Vision system between the different hosting options?
Again, no problem! Simply get in touch with us and we will plan the migration of your Gold-Vision to the new environment with you. The cost is simply based on the time that is required by us to support the transfer.
Not sure which hosting option is right for you?
Get in touch with us and we can help you decide what would work best.
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“Gold-Vision worked closely with us to modify and adapt their CRM system to give us a tool to not only manage our customers in the traditional CRM required way, but to also give us a unique way of auditing each store and taking a transfer order (an order taken by us but supplied by one of our wholesalers).”

Jonathan Khan, National Account Manager – Burgess Petcare

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