Time – it factors into so many things when it comes to business. You might want to understand where your team’s time is going to help you better plan future workloads. Maybe you need to keep track of which projects are performing well and which are running behind. Or maybe you need to bill based on time spent and don’t want any obstacles to getting those invoices out and the money in. This is where the latest feature from Gold-Vision comes in – our intelligent yet simple to use time tracking tool.

How does it work?

Integrated with your CRM

Unlike many of our competitors, our time tracking tool is already fully integrated and comes as standard with Gold-Vision CRM. As a result, there’s no need to integrate with a third-party tool or pay for custom work.

Ability to record time against purchased services

With our new time tracking tool, you can build time against products, such as a three-day pack of development or support time. Once this is done, you can assign it against a project, link it to an opportunity and then create accurate quotes with ease.

Simple time management

Not every team in your business will need to charge for their time, but they might want to have the ability to record and understand how long particular tasks have taken them to help them plan or get a better understanding of ROI for their efforts. Luckily, our time tracking tool is available on any account, project, opportunity or associated activity which means they can quickly enter their time in just a few, simple steps. This can then be viewed in charts within an item or on a dashboard.

Bird’s-eye-view reporting

Gold-Vision already comes with many smart reports and widgets that you can use and customise to create dashboards to help you understand your time in the context of the bigger picture. However, there are now time-specific charts and tables that break this information down even further, showing you allocated vs unallocated time, running updates of how much time is left vs what has been logged and so much more.

The benefits of time tracking can be enjoyed by every team!

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