Fully integrated with your CRM

It’s increasingly common for companies to need a reliable way to track the time their employees spend on projects or campaigns. Many even need the ability to be able to generate invoices based on this time spent. What’s less common is the existence of a tool that can do all of this, is simple to use and is already built in to your CRM system – until now. Gold-Vision CRM’s built in Time tool gives you all of the functions you need to track and bill for time spent whilst being fully integrated with your wider CRM functions. No need to pay to integrate with a third party or for custom development work.

Create invoices more easily and get paid faster

Trying to keep track of multiple clients, projects and deadlines can be tricky enough, but when you then need to charge for that time spent another layer of complexity is added. However, with an intelligent time management tool such as Gold-Vision’s that is already built into your CRM, this once nightmarish situation becomes infinitely easier. This is because you can build time against products, such as a three day pack of development or support time. This time can then be assigned against a project and linked to an opportunity. From here you can easily create quotes based on this time.

Simple time management

Tracking time isn’t always about costs and billing. Sometimes, you just want to understand how long a particular task has taken in order to help inform future efforts and planning. With Gold-Vision’s Time tracking tool, this couldn’t be easier. From any account, project, opportunity or associated activity, you can quickly enter your time with a brief description. You can then view this time logged in charts within that item or on a dashboard (but more on that later).

The benefits of simple time management are endless and can be enjoyed by every team:


Much easier to keep track of how much time has been spent on a project to help at the qualification stage of future sales


Clearer idea of how long it takes to generate content, resulting in a better understanding of return on investment (ROI)


Access to information regarding time spent on different elements of a project helps make future planning simpler

Customer Support

The ability to track time spent on different tickets helps identify where any inefficiencies may be which can be addressed, improving business process

Get a bird’s-eye-view of time spent

All of this tracking of time against activities, projects, accounts and opportunities is all well and good in itself, but isn’t much use if you can’t then view it in the context of a bigger picture. This is where Gold-Vision’s built-in reporting and dashboards can help.

For instance, when you’ve linked time to a project you can view time purchased vs time logged, as well as a clear view of the time remaining which is worked out automatically for you by the system. These charts can also split out all allocated time against any unallocated time

All of this information can be viewed at any level, such as the top level account, individual projects, or the individual activities. As a result, you can get as detailed a view as you require. There is also the option to collate the information you want quick access to into a dashboard.

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