Lead management

Gold-Vision’s lead management module is the ultimate tool to capture and streamline your leads. The fully integrated module allows you to generate new business quickly and efficiently without cluttering your CRM with incomplete data.

Manage, score and convert leads.

Capture and manage leads

Automatically capture leads from web forms, inbound IP tracking or live chat tools. Import your leads from trade shows, outbound purchased lists or spreadsheets easily into lead management.

The simple lead processes make the module perfect for marketing or telemarketing follow up. Send nurture campaigns to those leads which are not yet ready to buy with marketing automation.

Assign leads to sales

Allocate your leads to individuals or sales teams based on post code, industry, etc. Choose to assign them automatically or manually if you prefer to keep an extra level of control. 

Monitor activity and re-assign to get the best performance.

Score your leads

Automatically score leads based on their interactions with your website and marketing campaigns.

Lead management allows sales to focus on the high-scoring leads, most likely to convert. Promote the valuable leads into Gold-Vision and generate new business.


Keep your data clean

Leads may not contain accurate information. The lead management module creates the ideal environment to work on your data outside of CRM records.

Powerful de-duplication alerts run automatically against core Gold-Vision CRM providing an extra level of control.

Promote leads when they are ready

Because the lead management module is fully integrated in Gold-Vision, you can promote qualified leads into CRM with one click. The entire lead history moves with it to paint a complete picture.

Discard leads you have qualified out to keep your focus.

Track and report

View how your leads are moving through the funnel using Gold-Vision dashboards.

Easily measure lead performance and determine which lead sources are producing the best ROI.

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“With Gold-Vision lead management it is now much easier to follow up leads,
the module enables us to easily target potential customers.”