Insource Ltd. are a healthcare software company based in Berkshire UK, who provide data management and elective care services to NHS trusts across the country. Insource solutions enable their clients to drive better patient outcomes, streamline operational efficiencies, and allow all data insights to be accessible for decision-making.

The need for a new CRM system

“Our existing CRM system was not properly configured to suit the business’s needs. As the business grew and evolved, it became clear that it wasn’t fit for purpose. It was unwieldy for the sales team to use and didn’t support marketing automation in its current set-up. So the decision was made to look at alternative systems.”

Top CRM needs and requirements for Insource

  • Unify the process and flow of lead generation practises, from marketing through the sales cycle and managing project delivery of their services.
  • Sales management
  • Project tracking, including tasks and time
  • Integrated web and email marketing
  • Customer and prospect insights
  • External reporting and integration options
  • Microsoft suite integration

The Gold-Vision solution

One complete picture of the customer journey
Gold-Vision allows Insource to have a complete, holistic view of the entire customer journey. From using marketing and lead management, through the sales cycle, to finally closing a deal and managing a project delivery of their software services.
Project and Time tracking
Transparent project tracking is essential for Insource’s implementation delivery. The team use Gold-Vision’s Projects, Activities, and time management features along with automated workflow and red-amber-green reporting to simplify the user journey and provide instantaneous tracking visibility.
Microsoft Suite integration
Insource’s external communication is strengthened with our standard Microsoft 365 integration, which includes automatic email tracking, Outlook Calendar, Sharepoint. This lets personnel easily access and live-edit documents directly within their CRM.
External reporting
Insource has taken advantage of Gold-Vision’s API to accomplish advanced external reporting using BI Server. By doing this, data is consolidated and combined with ERP data points to create advanced reports. 

Benefits & Results

  • Information at finger tips – By using Gold-Vision, the team of users at Insource have been able to streamline processes to quickly and effectively access key information on prospects and customers.
  • Sales Automation at a glance – Insource is able to track all prospects and opportunity stages with team-friendly tools, like Gold-Vision’s highlighting feature. Insource use the highlight system to look at their list of opportunities where the colour coding allows for sales members to easily see which opportunities have been recently followed up on, which ones require a follow up soon, and which have been sitting for too long at a specific status without an update.   
  • Keeping track of Projects, Activities, and Time – Insource heavily uses Projects for the delivery of their services. Like sales opportunities, they manage services with the highlighting rules to know the status of projects, which has helped the team stay on top of progress and deadlines. Furthermore, Projects’ Time tracking feature has allowed for the team to keep track of what time has been sold to the Insource clients, what time has been allocated to certain tasks or teams, and how much time is remaining.
  • Webform Integration – Website leads are automatically captured through Gold-Vision’s Webform integration and organised into CRM for rating and follow-up.

Working with Gold-Vision

“The team were very supportive throughout the implementation, migration, and post migration. Suli was great at helping with configurations and changes as we learnt how we wanted to use the system.”

“The support desk is friendly and responsive.”

“Our account manager has kept us up to date with communications and follow ups.”

Looking ahead

Insource is looking to add Marketing Automation to their lead generation and lead nurture efforts. The team is also expanding so they will be looking to add new users to the CRM in the near future.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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