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Lessons from social selling that will enhance your social CX

If there’s one customer experience trend that has intensified over the last two years, it’s social CX. Discover our 6 social selling inspired lessons that will enhance your social CX strategy.

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Personalise your CX approach with CRM

With so much choice out there, the need to personalise your CX has become crucial. Read on to discover six simple steps to achieve just that.

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Blog_ABM Journey
How to use CRM to accelerate your ABM journey

ABM and the use of ABM strategies have gained more traction since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018. This post should help you figure out where to start, and how you can use CRM to succeed where other’s may fail.

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6 steps to a successful CRM implementation

Head of Customer Experience, Jiggy Patel, shares six vital steps that will ensure that your next CRM project is a success.

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Blog_Use CRM to set targets
How to use CRM to set targets and improve your sales pipeline

With a background in CRM implementation our Sales Director, Jiggy Patel, shares her advice on how you can improve your sales pipeline by using targets in your business.

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3 uses of Marketing Automation to make your life easier

Marketing Automation is more than just a trendy buzzword – it’s a tool that, utilised properly, enables businesses to truly align their sales and marketing.

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How Gold-Vision got GDPR-ready

After 2-years of waiting, and with the GDPR legislation now in place and in force, here’s an inside look at how we responded, and what it means for our customers.

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