Your day at a glance

Presenting your key business information within one unified view is what Gold-Vision does best, which is why we thought it was time for our CRM home page to have a bit of a make-over. Alongside your favourite Dashboards, you will now be able to view your working day at a glance, with an overview of your Activities and Appointments, as well as a company-wide notice board.

Key features

Your daily tasks organised

View a summary of all your Activities, without spending time searching and organising. The new Home Page displays your overdue activities as well as a day-by-day summary of what you have coming up. You can also quickly amend an Activity by using the ‘pop-out’ option to see full details of the task in hand.

A run-down of your appointments

All of your Appointments are visible on the right-hand on the Home Page and are ordered by date and time. From this view, you can click through to see further details about your meeting such Account information or Contact pages.

Share and view company notices

Sharing news and updates relevant to everyone in the business has never been easier. Gone are the days of email contact groups – the Notice Board area of the Home Page displays pinned notices that are visible to every employee.

Fast access to your favourite Dashboards

Why change a good thing? All of your favourite Dashboards are still available to view, with direct access from your home page. For more information on Dashboards and how they work, check out the product page here.

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