Rhoco ES is a UK-based engineering and service company offering service, sales and distribution to the contracting and plumbing industries. Through continued strategic investments in state of the art technologies, Rhoco ES is now one of the most prestigious specialists for precise, high-quality non-ferrous metal and semi-finished products. Their top quality sanitary valves for drinking water installations enjoy an outstanding reputation in the European sanitary sector.

Business need

Rhoco ES faced the typical challenges of any growing business and needed a CRM system to:

  • create a centralised view of all data between projects and clients
  • find a balance between our sales and marketing wheels
  • manage Barbour leads better through the funnel
  • prove our business growth and potential to our parent company in Germany

How Gold-Vision addressed the challenge

The Gold-Vision sales and implementation consultants took a perfect approach and actually listened to our needs. As a result, we now have a CRM system that has a bespoke feel. It is as if Gold-Vision has been customised to our company and the way we work, because it actually is. Our sales and marketing are now aligned and we have seen our hit rate on project success grow from 22% to 61% in the first year.

CRM requirements

  • A centralised database
  • Barbour integration
  • Full visibility between Sales and Marketing teams

  • Email & calendar tracking



A centralised view of all data

With Gold-Vision email and calendar tracking came visibility. Everyone can see what everyone is doing which is ideal. The other key benefit for us comes from the unique linking feature Gold-Vision CRM offers. The construction industry is very intertwined, so showing which contractors and design houses are linked allows our sales reps to check in and reference related projects. Quoting for different distribution partners is a breeze, and it is easy to pick up if branches in Manchester and London are connected.

CRM closes our sales and marketing cycle

Rhoco ES bids for a small part in an overall construction project, for example: the sanitary valves for drinking water installations in a hospital. New projects are imported from Barbour ABI into CRM as leads, where our sales reps qualify them. Previously we had no overview of our leads and how our team were following up with them. No one knew who was doing what and whether leads moved successfully from marketing to sales. In Gold-Vision, all sales reps can see their projects quickly and we have full visibility of their sales and marketing wheel.

Ease of use when it comes to reporting

Reporting to our board of directors is now dramatically easier and more accurate than ever before. What used to take days of crunching numbers in spreadsheets now takes a couple of clicks. We have full visibility of open and closed projects, and can drill down to this month, last month, or day by day. Construction projects are often planned for the following year, so Gold-Vision helps us do forecasting based on those long term project dates.


Gold-Vision delivers on its promises

Every month, I love our new CRM more and more. The software does exactly what it says on the tin, and I am often blown away by the Gold-Vision customer service. So much so that we have adopted some of the processes in our own customer service.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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