Market intelligence and construction industry data from Barbour ABI opens up new business opportunities by giving you the tools to target decision makers in the construction industry at the precise moment they require your services.

Barbour ABI integration for Gold-Vision CRM

The Barbour ABI integration has been designed to make your day as simple as possible – reducing manual data input and making your Barbour ABI lead-to-contract process fully measurable.

Assign leads to your sales team and follow the status, progress and sales pipeline of your construction and building projects, all from within your CRM.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

The Gold-Vision import tool will pick up new Barbour ABI leads automatically and create new opportunities, accounts and contacts in your CRM. All you have to do is tell your CRM who in your business should be working on which construction project lead and the integration will automatically assign them.

Crystal clear communication

All communications with your Barbour ABI leads will be automatically tracked in Gold-Vision, providing you with a full overview of projects at all times.

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Type Tender management
Best for Sales Teams & Project Managers