Palletline is the UK’s first premium palletised freight distribution company, operating right across the nation and Europe. Their carefully selected members work collaboratively to provide the best possible services to each of their customers. From their launch in 1992, Palletline has revolutionised the way pallets are transported, through their forward thinking approach to development and ‘hub and spoke’ distribution method. Today, Palletline continues to reinvent the industry standard; combining the highest levels of customer service with industry leading innovation, such as their custom Contrado technology.

Keely Priestman

General Manager (Commercial, Palletline Logistics)

Keely Priestman joined the Palletline team nearly 5 years ago, starting as a General Manager in the South East and has since progressed to General Manager – Commercial for Palletline Logistics. Whilst Palletline has been using Gold-Vision since 2014, Keely has adopted the platform in her new role and has worked closely with the company to enhance and generate greater benefits from the API links with other platforms used within the business.

Top CRM needs and requirements for Palletline

  • Lead generation via Lead Forensics
  • Lead management and tracking
  • Managing sales pipelines
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Account management, including activities and appointments
  • Customer and prospect insights
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Mobile/tablet friendly CRM

The Gold-Vision solution

Customer relationship management
Gold-Vision helps Palletline manage and nurture their relationships with customers using account activities and notes to keep track of communications, dynamic dashboards to follow trends, and touchpoint scores to measure interest in services offered. Emails can be automatically pulled into Gold-Vision to allow Palletline to keep track of important conversations with customers and prospects.
Sales & lead management
Palletline use Gold-Vision to see the whole picture when managing leads and prospects. The standard Lead Forensics integration tracks new leads into Gold-Vision. This allows Palletline staff to quickly review warm leads and promote these to prospects, managing the sales journey from start to finish within the CRM.
Reporting & data analysis
Gold-Vision provides tools for data analysis and reporting, enabling Palletline to gain insights into their operations and customer behaviours. Palletline can use this feature to manage their pipeline, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions using dynamic dashboards that lets them drill down to the source of the data.
Marketing & campaign management
Gold-Vision’s built-in Marketing platform allows Palletline to create a target audience for marketing reach from their own data stored within CRM. Simple filtering and searching gives them the ability to streamline their prospects and customers based on different parameters e.g. industry, location, lead source etc.

Benefits & Results

  • Enhanced Sales and Marketing – Gold-Visions sales and marketing features such as managing leads, tracking sales, and analysing marketing campaigns have helped Palletline optimise their sales and marketing strategies to increase efficiency and drive growth.
  • Lead Forensics and Touchpoints – Palletline actively rank and target newly created leads in real time, based on their potential prospects’ activities on their website.  This is achieved by setting up touchpoint scores and combining this with Gold-Vision’s standard Lead Forensics integration.
  • Gold-Vision on the go – The team at Palletline easily access Gold-Vision on their Mobile or Tablet, quickly and efficiently seeing key information regarding prospects and customers.
  • Improved Collaboration – Palletline have found that the CRM provides them with better collaboration among team members by providing a shared platform for communication and information. This has resulted in additional teams being onboarded onto Gold-Vision within the business.

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