Cokebusters is an international company specialising in the mechanical decoking and in-line inspection of process piping within fired heaters, HRSG/OTSG boilers, transfer lines and pipelines from a 2½ – 12-inch internal diameter. From their two headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States, they are able to consistently deliver high-quality services to the oil and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Rob Williams has been with the Cokebusters since 2013 where he joined as an NDT inspection technician. Back then, they had one office in the UK and around 15 employees. In the years since, the company has grown to over 80 employees over two offices in Chester, England and Houston, Texas. Rob moved to the US to help set up the inspection department and is now the Inspection Manager for Cokebusters USA.

The challenge

Since Cokebusters USA was incorporated in 2012 it has seen massive growth and in the last couple of years, the management team have grown from two to eight people. It quickly became clear that in order to run successfully, new processes needed to be implemented to help them consolidate their view of client and prospect data.

For instance, part of Rob’s role as Inspection Manager is to know:

  • When they are quoting for inspections?
  • How many heaters they are quoting for?
  • When the job is likely to take place?
  • How long the job is likely to last and how many techs are needed?

Before Gold-Vision this would mean Rob having to constantly check in with different managers which was extremely time-consuming.

The solution

Providing high-quality service is a key business goal for Cokebusters USA. The team wanted this to be reflected in their back-office systems, especially the streamlining of sales and service delivery – implementing Gold-Vision CRM has been vital in helping them to achieve this: Now, the whole management team can use one shared database that shows up-to-date information on everything that goes into a successful job – from a prospect right through to after-sales management. This enhanced view and centralisation of data have been extremely beneficial to the company.

Business objectives

  • Create a consolidated and centralised view of customer and prospect data
  • Provide the whole team with access to a shared database that shows up-to-date information
  • Manage sales opportunities and create proposals
  • Support the service delivery and management of jobs 
  • Streamline the sales-to-delivery process into a consistent flow

Unified client view

The Cokebusters team consolidated their customer data to create a client view that shows full customer lifecycle from a prospect, through the sales process, and after-sales management of jobs. A single point of truth was created that shows live and up-to-date information regarding a client’s past, present, and future activity. 

New_Dashboards & Reporting

Shared and up-to-date sales pipeline

The sales team possess crucial and in-depth information regarding their client and prospect relationships throughout the sales process. The implemented processes ensure that sales opportunities and quotes are managed in a shared view that displays live data – available to all users and always up-to-date.

Workflow automation

Providing a high-quality service relies on careful planning and communication. The Cokebusters team highlighted the key points within service delivery and took the leg work out of planning by automating the setup of jobs and the tasks required to complete them. Tasks are automatically assigned to the correct people, appearing on to-do lists. Key sales information is copied down to the job level, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of information.

Complete communication picture

Automated email tracking shows up-to-date client communication with zero effort involved. As a result, users can see an accurate picture of communication across the entire business.

Virtual implementation

Cokebusters USA implemented Gold-Vision 100% virtually. The team is based in Texas and Gold-Vision assistance was provided through a combination of the UK Head Office and from Toronto, Canada.

The Cokebusters USA team set up a fully virtual training suite – allowing all users to be involved in a single combined end-user training and roll-out session. Key users were even able to take the lead during the training session to maximise their learning and to show off newly learned skills. 

The training was well organized and structured, and all of the management team found it extremely easy to follow, despite it being the first time most users had seen Gold-Vision

Rob Williams

The results…

While it’s still early days, the whole management team are logging into Gold-Vision every day and can quickly see:

  • Which jobs are happening now?
  • Which jobs have been delayed?
  • Which refineries are asking for quotes?
  • Which decoking operators and inspection technicians are on certain jobs?
  • Which clients are we still awaiting payment from?
  • And so much more…

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