Case Study_British Chambers of Commerce


The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses of all sizes across all sectors, within the UK and around the world.

We believe that it’s our relationships that lead us to achieve goals beyond those we could ever achieve alone. We’re the only organisation that helps British businesses to build relationships on every level. Across our Network, we can connect your business locally, nationally and internationally, with other businesses, with decision-makers and with opportunities.

Our opinions are regularly sought by policymakers and parliamentarians, and we’ve been helping to shape the UK’s business agenda for more than 160 years. The Chamber Network sits at the heart of local business communities in every part of the UK, helping businesses of every size and sector to thrive.

Business need

At BCC we have a vast range of stakeholders (Chambers, Governments, strategic partners, other organisations and suppliers) we need to manage effectively and efficiently. Historically this information has been held in multiple places and often duplicated between teams. We wanted to introduce a CRM system that allows us to manage stakeholder engagements, data and relationships. We wanted a system that we could customise to meet our needs, provide a single source of truth on our stakeholder relationships and serve as a repository for our institutional knowledge.

A system we could build on in the future.

Why Gold-Vision?

Many CRM systems we looked at were very heavy on sales and opportunity management and whilst this was one aspect we required, we were more excited by the configurability of Gold-Vision to enable us to capture different types of information for our different categories of stakeholder, to enable us to build up comprehensive picture of our interactions and improve our understanding of our stakeholder needs. We also liked the communications interface, activity/task management and workflow functionality aspects of the software.

We were also impressed with the team at Gold-Vision, who understood what we were trying to achieve from the start, and have provided excellent support during the design and implementation phase of our project.

CRM requirements

  • Customisable account structure
    A hierarchy of accounts which matches the different categories of stakeholders, enabling information specific to account and contact types to be captured.
  • Pipeline management
    Tracking of the status and timing on partnership opportunities.
  • Web form integration
    Introduction of a common workflow for various types of website enquiries.
  • Automation & work flows
    Has enabled the team to automate certain project activities and standardise processes e.g. membership applications, supplier contracts and renewals.
  • Having benchmarking data in
    Use of customised Profiles has increased visibility of data gathered from Chambers enabling best practice development and sharing.
  • Campaigns
    Gold-Vision marketing enables the team to manage Chamber Network communications as well as external communications e.g. press releases and partner newsletters.
  • Event management
    Chamber events are tracked and managed in Gold-Vision enabling the team to quickly manage bookings and attendance as well as dietary and other logistical requirements.
  • Dashboards & reporting
    Gold-Vision dashboards provide a simple visual view for the team on key membership data, partnership pipeline, policy groups and commissions and supplier metrics.


  • Improved stakeholder management – centralisation of stakeholder data, including contact information, business history, communications and preferences
  • Efficient task management – assignment, tracking and management of stakeholder interactions which reduces administration burden of working off multiple spreadsheets
  • Improved team communication and collaboration – everyone has access to data and can update in one place avoiding duplication of work and providing a single source of truth
  • Enhanced external communications – tracking, prioritisation and visibility into interactions
  • Accurate sales forecasting – real-time information on partnership pipeline, deal stages and targets
  • Data-driven decision making – ability to capture a wealth of stakeholder information, providing valuable insights into stakeholders, preferences and trends

Staff take up has been really good and the users are finding it easy to incorporate Gold-Vision into their usual roles. We are ready to move past initial use into reporting and dashboards. Reporting wasn’t even possible before as we had no centralised or reliable data.

We’ve had systems in the past that just didn’t deliver on basic functions. Our users were cynical at the beginning of this project, however this quickly changed and our users are all using CRM.

What is the Gold-Vision team like to work with?

We are really pleased with the support we’ve had. We felt we’ve had a very personalised service as all the staff from the director down have always been approachable and ready to discuss our requirements. They have also been great at keeping their promises, having always delivered on what they said. Everyone we’ve met has understood (and loved) their product and encouraged us to get the most out of the software.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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