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We’re excited to share with you the first look at our latest piece of product development work, the Gold-Vision Portal.

The introduction of the Gold-Vision Portal is a win-win for both your customers and your business. Use your CRM system to display key data to inform your customers and enable them to interact with you easily and efficiently.

The ability to self-serve for consumers is rapidly growing in popularity and importance. In response, the new Gold-Vision Portal allows businesses to extend their service offering with a customisable interface that allows customers to do just that. So, whether it’s changing information such as contact details and addresses, managing licenses and inventories or creating and managing activities – the Portal has it covered.

Key features

There are currently two types of portal pages available:


The Account page acts as a self-service area for customers to update:

  • Account & Sites – View, update and add new details such as billing and delivery addresses
  • Contacts – Add new contact details such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, update job titles and select user preferences
  • Profiles – Manage inventory items, licensees, warranty details, and more


The Activity page gives customers the ability to view or create activities, as well as add and see notes and attachments using Gold-Vision.

Examples for the Activity page includes a customer support area, project and service management. You choose what fields to show on the portal page based on the information and interactions that are key to your customers.

Any changes made on an Account or Activity page will be automatically updated within your main Gold-Vision system.

Gold-Vision Portal offers a flexible, two-way integration with your CRM. Flexible to your business needs, you can add multiple pages to your portal and customise them easily to match your company’s brand guidelines or preferred style. Gold-Vision Portal is available at a fixed subscription cost, meaning you have a predictable and cost effective solution that won’t catch you out with additional user and page charges.


  • Improved customer satisfaction and experience
  • Reduced waiting times for support
  • Improved workload for customer service agents who can focus on more complex issues as opposed to updating basic information such as contact details
  • Two-way communication between your customers and agents. Customers can add notes and attachments within the Activity Portal and also see any notes created your support agents or other Gold-Vision users
  • Opportunity to upsell services and increase revenue

Want to find out more about the set up and configuration of Portal?

Head over to our help-site now to find a variety help pages and guides.

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