Objective of this agreement

Our objective is to provide a premium quality service to Gold-Vision customers.  This agreement is intended to explain the areas of service that we offer, and the realistic level of service that can be expected by customers with a current Subscription or On-Premises Support & Maintenance Agreement.  For areas under our direct control, we can offer contractual levels of service, and for other areas there are non-contractual indications based on historical data.  If there are any queries on this matter, we would be delighted to discuss them to ensure that your support requirements are met.

Scope of this agreement


  • between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT for UK business days
  • any non-support related requests will be dealt with entirely at ESTEIRO’s discretion


  • Telephone, e-mail, LiveChat or remote access support during our support hours to cover technical Gold-Vision related issues. 
  • We also encourage customer support representatives to call us about product functionality queries to ensure Gold-Vision is used effectively. This is not intended to be a substitute for proper user training, however.
  • Access to download Gold-Vision live updates and new releases. Hosted customers can accept automatic upgrades, or upgrade on an agreed basis. Upgrade assistance is not specifically covered, but we may provide remote standard upgrade assistance at our discretion. 


  • Issues resulting from any modifications or customisation of the Software not authorised in writing by ESTEIRO.
  • Any software other than the Software defined in the Terms of Service or Support & Maintenance Agreement.
  • Issues resulting from insufficient training and/or knowledge of those using the Software.
  • Incorrect or unauthorised use of the Software or operator error.
  • Any fault in the customers’ computer system.
  • Any programs, computer hardware, operating systems or other supporting software used in conjunction with the Software.
  • Support requests relating to active implementations, or requiring additional configuration work are not within the scope of support. These requests will be passed to your project or account manager for progression.

Excluded non-support related requests will be dealt with entirely at ESTEIRO’s discretion.


  • ESTEIRO reserves the right to discontinue the Support for prior versions of the Software as notified to the Customer at any time after a superseding version of the Software has been made available to the Customer. 
  • For on-premises customers, ESTEIRO reserves the right to discontinue Support for Software using discontinued server or desktop systems and applications.

Support issue prioritisation

Our procedures for prioritising and escalating support issues is defined below, and we monitor our performance against these benchmarks.

Due to the varied and uncertain nature of support queries, the response, update and fix targets are a guide only and do not form part of this agreement. We will be happy to discuss any queries on our support service, but service credits are not available.

Our ability to deliver against these fix targets also depends on the following factors:

Hosted versus on-premises installation: typically, we have greater and more immediate control of our own environment, allowing us to act without delays. With on-premises installations, there may be delays in receiving detailed information or system access to resolve technical issues.

Standard / customer specific / implementation / bespoke functionality: customer specific functionality (e.g. alerts, custom lists) takes additional time to review and identify issues. Given the nature of these items, fix-times fall outside the above standard SLA targets. These items will be treated with the same degree of urgency as standard support queries as far as practically possible. Project related items may be escalated to a project team member and may be a chargeable item if relating to system design. Bespoke software support matters are likely to be escalated to the technical team and may also be chargeable in nature unless covered by the original support agreement. Support & Maintenance charged on bespoke work is designed to cover only compatibility with latest software releases. Changes or post sign-off issues will be subject to additional charges.

Time awaiting customer responses is excluded from the above targets.

Hosted service availability


In order to ensure overall reliability of our hosted platform, we undertake maintenance. This is categorised as:

  • Planned Maintenance, for which we try to provide 7 days’ notice and scheduled to cause minimal disruption to customers. This time is excluded from determination of the Service Level.
  • Emergency Maintenance, for which we try to provide as much notice as possible. Where this notice is less than 48 hours, unavailability of Service is included in the determination of the Service Level.
  • Unplanned downtime is included in the determination of the Service Level.
  • Access problems arising from the customers’ network, Internet Service Providers or outside ESTEIRO’s control are excluded from determination of the Service Level.

If in any calendar month our hosted service is unavailable, the Customer will be entitled to a credit against the monthly subscription charges invoiced for that calendar month.



All credits will be applied to the following month’s invoice unless the Service Credits are due in the final month of the Agreement, in which case, a refund for the monetary value of the Service Credits will be made to the Customer. The aggregate maximum number of Service Credits to be issued by Esteiro to the Customer for any and all SLA violations, downtime periods and incidents shall not exceed twelve (12) Service Credits per calendar year or 10% of total monthly charges per calendar month.

Customer obligations

In order to effectively support the Customer, ESTEIRO requires the Customer to undertake the following;

  • operate the Software, maintain data and the database in accordance with ESTEIRO’s instructions and any operating documentation provided; 
  • test new Software and configurations to ensure the incident is resolved;
  • assist in resolving incidents by carrying out tasks requested by ESTEIRO’s staff to aid resolution of the issue; 
  • provide or procure training for the Customer’s agents and employees authorised to use the Software to a reasonable level of proficiency; 
  • permit ESTEIRO to install the current version of Software from time to time when upgrades or fixes occur;

For on-premises installations;

  • make frequent and regular back-ups of the computer systems containing the Software with a backup testing process; and
  • provide ESTEIRO with reasonable notice of intention to change relevant hardware, operating systems, or integrated applications. 
  • By arrangement, using agreed security protocols, the Customer shall provide ESTEIRO with reasonable direct and remote access to the Customer’s computer systems and the Software, and shall provide such reasonable assistance as ESTEIRO may request, including, but not limited to, required passwords, sample output, log files and other diagnostic information.

EBS 04.2018.1.0