CRM hosted your way

Gold-Vision CRM can be hosted on our secure cloud, in your own private cloud or installed on-premises. We understand that each business has different requirements, so the choice is yours.

Hosting_our cloud Gold-Vision Cloud
Hosting_your cloud Your Cloud
On-site training On-Premises
On our servers, in our cloud
On your preferred cloud partner’s servers
On your internal network
Hardware & infrastructure
Managed by us
Managed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Software updates
Managed by us
Scheduled roll-outs
Scheduled roll-outs
Data backups & security
Maintained by us
Managed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Availability, reliability & speed
Guaranteed by us
Guaranteed by your cloud partner
Managed by your team
Minimum users

CRM and data hosted on Gold-Vision’s cloud, with hardware, infrastructure and software all taken care of.

Software hosted on your own internal network, where the system is managed by your team.


Some of the key differences between cloud and on-premises hosting lie in the deployment – here’s the low-down…


  • Installed by the us
  • Software updates performed by our team
  • Supported by an experienced, in-house infrastructure team who adhere to ISO 27001 security standards
  • Optimised environment for performance reliability
  • Back-up, restore and disaster recovery processes are in place


  • Looked after in-house by your own infrastructure and IT team
  • Responsible for maintaining Gold-Vision and performing updates
  • Must have the equipment, technology and licenses available to host
  • Responsible for data security and disaster recovery



  • Added security built-in with our SSO (single sign-on) service

  • We have been ISO 27001 certified since 2017 and maintain ISO standards across the whole business

  • We are Cyber Essentials certified – a program backed by the UK Government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre

  • We abide by the Data Protection Act and GDPR rule

  • Our experienced Infrastructure Team are on stand-by to handle any security risks quickly


There is the common misconception that on-premises hosting is more secure than cloud when it comes down to data security.

The truth is, that with laws such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act, companies hosting cloud services have to follow strict security procedures to ensure your data is safe.

Whilst cloud security is the best it’s ever been, some companies working with highly sensitive data, such as hospitals and government departments, often have policies that state data has to be stored on-premise.



As cloud systems are constantly monitored by our infrastructure experts – we run at a minimum of 99.9% up time. However, if the worse-case scenario does happen we have the facilities to act quickly and resolve the issue – minimising disturbance.


If your servers go down, it’s your responsibility and duty to fix the issue quickly to get your company back online.

The low-down


Gold-Vision’s cloud hosting is a great option for the majority of businesses. Choosing the cloud takes maintenance and additional hardware costs out of the equation.

There’s no need to worry about installation, performance, software updates and security – everything is handled by our experienced, in-house infrastructure team. You can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and monitored around the clock.


Due to company policies and sensitive data handling, some businesses have no choice but to choose a CRM provider that offers an on-premises option.

Gold-Vision is one of the few providers that still offers both hosting options. Whatever your hosting requirements, we’re here to ensure you have access to a high-quality CRM system, along with top-notch customer service and support.

Common questions

What if I would prefer or need to install on a different cloud environment or on-premises?
No problem! We can install and support you if you need to operate a different hosting model that you manage more closely. Some of our longer-term customers have operated successfully in this way over many years and, unlike many of our competitors, it is a viable option if you do not wish to fully hosted by us. We simply have a 10 user minimum for customers who are installed outside the Gold-Vision Cloud.
What if I need to move my Gold-Vision system between the different hosting options?
Again, no problem! Simply get in touch with us and we will plan the migration of your Gold-Vision to the new environment with you. The cost is simply based on the time that is required by us to support the transfer.
Not sure which hosting option is right for you?
Get in touch with us and we can help you decide what would work best.
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“Gold-Vision worked closely with us to modify and adapt their CRM system to give us a tool to not only manage our customers in the traditional CRM required way, but to also give us a unique way of auditing each store and taking a transfer order (an order taken by us but supplied by one of our wholesalers).”

Jonathan Khan, National Account Manager – Burgess Petcare

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