Loqate Email Validation

Announcing the addition of Loqate Email Validation to our extensive list of integrations!

Loqate Email Validation increases email delivery rates, improves sender reputation and advances your customer communications. The integration works by checking through email addresses stored against a Contact or Lead in real-time, or through a batch cleansing process.

Going beyond syntax errors

This integration goes beyond checking for simple spelling mistakes. It intelligently verifies that a mailbox exists and that it can receive emails. To show the status of an address, icons (see below) are applied against the email in your list view, clear and easy to view at a glance. You can also quickly filter by validation status – a handy tool when fixing invalid addresses or creating Campaign source lists!

*Potentially the domain has been verified but not the actual user’s mailbox

Maximise your marketing efforts

According to Loqate, over 17% of email address data stored is incorrect. Although this may seem like a small amount on paper, it can reflect negatively in email campaign results and reporting.

By using an email validation tool, marketing teams can enjoy improved campaign results and benefits including:

  • Better email deliverability and reduced bounce rates
  • A positive sender reputation
  • Prevention of emails being automatically blocked or placed in spam folders
  • Less guesswork and better forecasting for email campaign KPIs

Key benefits

  • Validate single or multiple email addresses within one unified view
  • The ability to set your own criteria and rules for validation results, including which users can use the validation tool within your Gold-Vision instance
  • Improve marketing campaign results with more deliverability and fewer bounces
Want to find out more about the set up and configuration of Loqate Email Validation?

Head over to our help-site now to find a variety help pages and guides.

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