Data import

Whether your customer data is stored in a legacy system or you use spreadsheets to hold information, our implementation team will assist with your data migration.

From simple contact data to more complex data sets, we can advise and assist. You may have historic sales figures or data that you are using to manage specific processes. Our team will run through those processes with you and define the critical data. This ensures that new processes in CRM will run smoothly and that your users will be working with familiar, accurate and organised data when they start using Gold-Vision.

Does my data quality matter?

Absolutely. Good quality data makes migration easier and faster.

However, we fully appreciate you may still work with different data sources across your business, in various states of accuracy. From the start of your implementation, we can help you define which customer data you have and will advise you on how you can prepare it for migration. We will guide you on how to cleanse it and ensure your users have the right data in the right place.

Import your own data

After your go-live date, you can transfer data yourself using the Gold-Vision data import tool. The tool allows you to import CSV files and map where you want the data to go in Gold-Vision. We offer support in the form of webinars. Alternatively, contact us if you want us to do the migration for you.