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Import Barbour ABI leads into Gold-Vision and assign them to your sales team. Follow the progress and sales pipeline of your construction and building project efforts from within Gold-Vision. See quickly which projects were won, lost and which contractors were involved.

How it works..

  • The Gold-Vision import tool will pick up new Barbour ABI leads and create opportunities, accounts and contacts in CRM.

  • You decide who in your business picks up which construction project leads, and the integration automatically assigns them.

  • The integration significantly reduces manual data input and makes your Barbour ABI lead-to-contract process fully measurable in CRM.

  • All communications with your Barbour ABI leads are automatically tracked in Gold-Vision, providing you with a clear picture of the projects.

What's next?

Once your project leads have imported into Gold-Vision, our project and opportunity tools will help you follow up and win the contract. Keep track of which contractors, architects and suppliers are associated with your projects. Alerts ensure your projects stay on schedule and workflow can be customised to fit the way you work.

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