T I Midwood (TIMco) is a wholesale supplier of fasteners, fixings, nails and power tool accessories. Established in 1972 the company has grown and now supply a diverse customer base throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and Europe.

TIMco have been awarded Decorating and Hardware Supplier of the Year for the 6th year running, and Brand of the Year for the second year running, at the 2018 National Buying Group Conference as a result of their dedication to high quality products and customer service.

Business need

We needed our CRM to:

  • manage, personalise and measure our digital marketing in one integrated system
  • help us manage the dysfunctional data we were holding
  • assist with operational efficiencies
  • enable transparency across the business
  • allow us to deal with a wide customer base
  • help us identify and track different types of customers and contacts

How Gold-Vision addressed the challenge

The team at Gold-Vision understood our need to target our different customer groups with relevant messages, and measure the impact easily in one integrated system. They have helped us to implement a system that not only improved growth in year one by 20%, it has also met the brief.

Our marketing team are now able to produce high quality messages that are targeted at different customer groups efficiently based on their products and preferences.

CRM requirements

  • Campaign management
  • A centralised database
  • Better communication between teams

  • Custom integrations

TIMCo_event stand


One integrated system to manage marketing and sales

We have over 4,500 customers of varying types. In Gold-Vision we can categorise and segment our customers to tailor specific marketing messages based on their interests and previous interaction with TIMco.

A single central database for sales, marketing, customer service and merchandisers helps us to message the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. We now have a much more streamlined process using Gold-Vision and the integrated email marketing tool, Gold-Vision Connect. Once marketing communications have been sent, it is much more intuitive to create relevant and fast follow up actions within CRM.

Faster follow up

The results from Gold-Vision Connect are automatically integrated with Gold-Vision. When a contact clicks a link in our marketing email, this is automatically tracked back to Gold-Vision. From here it is easy to set up call back activities for our sales people, helping them to follow up on potential orders or interest in a product as quickly as possible.

It is key for us to be able to quickly alert our sales people to these customer interactions. When the customer has just been on our website looking at a product, they are much more likely to be receptive to a call. Speed of response is very important for us.


What’s next for us

Having optimised our marketing messages and integration between sales and marketing, we are planning to drive growth by implementing Gold-Vision’s lead management module.

Our target is to launch a new range of products to a different customer base, and we feel the lead management tool will help us to work with these new prospects without complicating our existing practices.

We are ready to take on more with Gold-Vision and will be arranging some more assistance for new challenges.

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