Salts Healthcare is one of the UK’s oldest family-run manufacturing companies, based in Birmingham. It manufactures ostomy and orthotic products.

Salts Healthcare has a network of customer care centres that provide home delivery of all stoma and incontinence products. These centres also provide advisors and stoma care nurses to support their prescription customers.

Business need

We needed to control contactscommunications and results of appointments as our sales team grew. Management required a system to monitor and generate meaningful data.

As a company we required a system with robust security, whilst the sales team needed to be able to track and store client communications.

How Gold-Vision addressed the challenge

  • Installed on-premises, allowing us to control our own data
  • The best integration with Outlook we could find
  • Easy to adopt for the sales team
  • We can modify the system ourselves using the screen designer
  • Mobile friendly, allowing sales to use it on their tablets
  • The price

Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we required a CRM that could be set up on our own servers. We found a lot of CRM’s are cloud-based only, which wouldn’t have worked for us.

As the number of our sales representatives grew, we needed a structured system that had robust security, was intuitive and easy to use and allowed meaningful analysis of data.

CRM requirements

  • On-premises installation
  • Outlook integration

  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile responsive


  • Having accurate sales data stored securely.
  • Being able to produce useful and meaningful reports.
  • Full visibility of the impact and location of the sales team and their appointments.
  • We are beginning to carry out marketing due to our extensive and reliable database.

We’ve used the administration options to modify most of the screens in Gold-Vision. This allows us to capture information which is most relevant for our business. Management are now able to carry out much more meaningful analysis of the sales team and their appointments.

Our sales team all have tablets, and they are able to fill in the details of their appointments whilst on-site with the customer. Gold-Vision’s built-in alerting triggers automatic emails and workflow where appropriate.

What is the Gold-Vision team like to work with?

Every member of the Gold Vision team that we have dealt with from sales, implementation and support has been very competent and professional.

The project was implemented exactly to our timetable and to the budget agreed with no hidden extras.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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