The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC) , also known as ‘America’s Globally Recognized Export Certification Provider’ work with companies who need certificates of origin, free sale, and legalization documentation. The AWTCC develop relationships within the industry through their rich partner agent network.

Brian Smith

Director of AWTCC

Brian coordinates operations and strategic vision for the chamber. He comes from the banking world and acted as a pioneer in digitizing trade solutions for exporters.

Alex Sonifrank

Affinity & Partnerships Manager

Alex manages the federation programs and new chamber initiatives. Before the chamber world, Alex worked in technology focused solutions tailored to exporters and handled both the customer acquisition and project management sides.

A CRM need for Partner Memberships

AWTCC met Gold-Vision CRM at a past live business exhibition. They reached out to us to re-explore the service, which led to a discovery call where they communicated challenges they wished to address in their processes. AWTCC received a personalized demo of the system where Gold-Vision proved to be a good fit for the features desired.

The AWTCC invested time in thinking about information they wanted visibility on for better relationship tracking of their members. AWTCC wanted to explore CRM in combination with their powerful certification systems in order to manage, segment, and track relationships and sales by partner. A further business need was a system that would allow for notes, richer insights with field configurations, email tracking, and opportunity tracking.

Why Gold-Vision?

“Gold-Vision was equipped to provide us a solution tailored to our needs at a critical point in our growth with many new hires brought to our side recently. The biggest challenge in choosing a CRM tool was not simply transferring our current process but defining them for the new direction and talent we had added to the chamber. Gold-Vision made it clear they would be involved from the start to deliver something easy and flexible.”

Benefits & Results

Gold-Vision has enabled us to better keep track of our userbase. Specifically, helping improve grouping between members and non-members has enabled us to expand our members and provide additional value to our clients.

Working with Gold-Vision

AWTCC appreciated the personalized and methodical implementation approach that Gold-Vision employed, working on step-by-step configuration, data import, and end user training. Gold-Vision took the time to understand AWTCC’s organizational processes and make sure the system would be an enabler of their work with the system feeling like it fit hand to glove.

More than anything, we appreciate the team at Gold-Vision being prompt and responsive whenever a question or a little extra help was needed.

Looking ahead

One area that AWTCC is going to look to add to their Gold-Vision use is in the marketing module. With Gold-Vision CRM’s fully integrated marketing tool Connect, AWTCC will benefit from being able to send targeted email campaigns with live up-to-date contact information in the database. Another future project goal is to have the added benefit of integrating AWTCC’s essCert into Gold-Vision CRM through the API to further streamline the certification process.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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