Xero online accounting software is designed to make life easier, where you can take control of the numbers, and concentrate on what you do best – business!

Xero for Gold-Vision CRM

Explore features like invoicing, payroll, reporting and more, where you can manage your numbers effortlessly and accurately with the Gold-Vision Xero integration.

Easy synchronisation

Synch Gold-Vison with Xero so you can manage your customers and suppliers from initial enquiry through to sale within your CRM.

It’s easy to manage your invoices, track payments and billing histories. With other features such as applying tax codes, product categories and multiple currencies – you’ll never need to worry about duplicating data.

Single consolidated view

You’ll no longer need to wait to learn the health of your finances. Pull together all customer information into one consolidated view. Inspect customer and transaction history and create interactive reports in real-time without leaving your CRM.

Simple quote creation

Create professionally branded quotes using customisable templates in minutes. Simply choose your inventory item, price and send.

Best customer service

Integrating your CRM with Xero will take all your customer’s account information – such as sales history and pricing – and provide you with a complete customer view when speaking to them – offering them the best possible customer experience.

No need to re-key

With our Xero integration, you will eliminate time-consuming and error re-keying, which will allow you to concentrate on what you do best!

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Type Finance/ERP
Best for Sales & Finance Teams