CRM must-haves for your industry

Projects & Sites

CRM isn’t always up to the task of helping project or property focused companies – supporting spreadsheets and manual processes abound.

Gold-Vision, on the other hand, makes it simple. Gold-Vision has the right structure to ensure your existing processes fit neatly in place.

So, whether it’s a project where there are multiple roles (such as tenants, landlords and agencies) or having to manage multiple buildings and locations, Gold-Vision Projects and Sites help you keep track of who’s responsible, the sites they manage and so much more.


When working with external agents or contractors, it would be overkill to provide full access to your CRM system. Instead, with the Gold-Vision portal, you can control what they see and give them access to everything they need. The portal updates in real-time based on any changes made in your CRM that you choose to share. Similarly, if your contractor accepts a job or uploads a new file to the portal, this will be reflected in your CRM

Job allocation and feedback can be shared and accessed here, and access to reports and certifications is simple. All of this eliminates the need for manual emails or phone calls.

Integrations with you favourite tools

Quote management

In a world where tenders and bids need to be managed with precision, producing quotes and keeping track of quote history is another area that can be hard to achieve when managed manually.

However, with Gold-Vision, you can produce customer quotes straight from your CRM that your customers can then accept electronically with the help of e-sign integrations. You can also integrate your CRM with your accounting system saving you from having to update two separate systems and improving accuracy.

All the while, your customer’s record within the CRM system will be updated automatically to reflect changes and updates meaning you will always have a reliable client history to look back on.


Gold-Vision’s reporting and dashboard tools give you the power to access clear views of your data that are specific to your business, easy to set up and update in real-time.

Simply break down your data by any filter you want, such as territory, work category, salesperson, or time period and then choose from a variety of different charts and widgets to create dashboards unique to your needs.

There are also a range of report formats that you can choose from that can be viewed within your CRM or easily exported out when required.

Benefits of CRM for the Fire Protection industry

Keep track of enquiries, avoid duplications

Without a CRM in place, trying to keep track of new enquiries and tenders from a wide range of sources becomes a mammoth task. Especially if you’re using spreadsheets or disconnected apps

However, with a system like Gold-Vision, you can bring all of this vital information together and be confident in the knowledge that nothing will fall through the cracks and duplicated efforts will become a thing of the past.

Everything you need, just a click away

To deliver a great experience to your customer throughout their lifecycle, your teams need to know more than just the basic information – they need the full picture within reach at all times.

With Gold-Vision at the heart of your business, all of your emails, appointments, plans, drawings, certifications, and reports will be stored in one, shared location that you can access from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Reach out at the right time, every time

With intelligent and easy to set up automation and workflows, you can hit your ready-to-invoice points sooner and make the manual and time-consuming aspects of your business automated and efficient.

Simply set up Gold-Vision to match your unique business processes then leave it to the system to prompt you and your team when it’s time for key moments such as inspections, services, or installations.

Gold-Vision is already trusted by a number of well known names in your industry.

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