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5 lead scoring best practices

Implementing a strong plan will not only make a huge difference to your ROI, it will also give your business an undeniable advantage over your competitors. In this infographic, we share with you our top 5 best practice tips based on our own experiences.

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Blog_CRM integrations
5 vital CRM integrations to help your business succeed

CRM can – and many argue should – be your central data hub. From the MD through to your accounts team, a great solution can save everybody time, increase productivity and provide a 360-degree customer view. How? Through CRM integrations.

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Blog_use dashboards to beat targets
How to use dashboards to beat your sales targets

Setting up a personal dashboard, whether you are a Sales Director or a new executive starting out, can be the instant check you need to find advantages and maximise them throughout the year.

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Blog_Customer on-boarding success
4 essential tips for B2B customer onboarding success

How a successful onboarding plan plays a critical role in the early stages of the customer lifecycle, and your long term success.

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Blog thumbnail_2018 Frontrunners
Gold-Vision named CRM FrontRunner for a third successive time

Gold-Vision has been named as a CRM FrontRunner for a third successive time after continued positive customer reviews.

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