ATM is a privately owned business, with over 40 years of industry leading experience in vegetation management, fencing, landscaping and ecology contractors.

The need for CRM

Phil Townsend (Bid & Estimating Manager) had used Gold-Vision previously at another organisation, leading to the recommendation for ATM to give it a try. Prior to their CRM implementation, ATM were using an in-house solution, but were finding it difficult to:

  • Have clear visibility of bids
  • Track bid statuses
  • Understand pipelines
  • Coordinate next steps

In some cases, data was being captured and monitored on spreadsheets, however sharing this amongst the team and keeping it up-to-date became a chore.

Top 3 CRM Benefits

1. Opportunities to manage bids

Gold-Vision’s Opportunities are used for ATM’s Bid Management Process. Tracking all bids, as well as key dates, provides visibility of the pipeline the whole team. Opportunities and Quotes also provides the team with key bid insights, enabling them to cross-sell, and upsell, their products and services.

Before their Gold-Vision implementation, a lot of time was wasted wading through records, so being able to view the finer detail on bids and how they are broken down and forecast over time is key.  With new branches opening around the country, ATM will be able to share their pipeline seamlessly!

“I can find any tender in 3 clicks”

2. Activities, Tasks & Alerts

Activities, Projects and Alerts within Gold-Vision remind the ATM team of key tasks, and sends them a reminder for deadlines that need to be met. This kind of functionality when you’re working within tender management is absolutely critical.

We believe that your system should work for you to streamline the way you work and maximise productivity. Gold-Vision’s Workflow and Alerting will help to ensure that critical reminders are set with automated follow-up – never miss a follow-up again!

3. Email Tracking

Email tracking is a must-have feature for teams working with multiple leads, prospects and customers every day – ATM now can’t live without it! Being able to look back through past correspondence is great to bring everyone up to speed and keep records accurate.

Looking Ahead

ATM are looking to further integrate their sales and marketing efforts by introducing web form integration. This will enable them to track leads and enquiries from their website, as form data is automatically fed and formatted into Gold-Vision. ATM also plan to make further use of Gold-Vision’s Marketing tools to keep in touch with their customers, and plan events!

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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