Campbell Scientific manufacture dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. Their products are used in a wide range of applications including meteorology, structural and geotechnical monitoring, soil science and vehicle testing.

We interviewed Campbell Scientific’s IT Manager, Mark Pimperton, Sales Manager, Simon Dawe & Marketing Manager, Iain Thornton to see why Gold-Vision works for each of them.


Sales focus

We wanted something centralised to record sales interactions and to  better manage our sales enquiries; to be able to track an enquiry through each of the stages of its lifecycle. We wanted to improve our customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved enquiry response times and measurement of service levels.

Our usage has grown quickly and we’ve taken it from a simple sales and support system to managing loans, training and various other functions too. It’s expanded well beyond our original scope, and we’re now moving towards every interaction with a customer being recorded, logged and followed up using Gold-Vision

Our favourite feature would have to be the email tracking, it’s so easy to go into an account and see the recent history and conversations. The reporting is also a great feature. You can report on almost anything.


Marketing focus

Prior to Gold-Vision we were carrying out email campaigns through an Outlook add-on. Using Connect, Gold-Vision’s in-built email marketing tool, is just so much easier. We can pull the data straight from CRM, save them how I want, and then within the system itself we can create templates and translate as we need.

Measuring where our business comes from is also much easier now, as it’s all traceable. It’s made estimating ROI for campaigns much easier.

We also really like lead management – when we come back from an exhibition with a lead list we use the lead management system to import and allocate them. They can be brought into the main Gold-Vision system once they’ve been fully checked out. It’s well coordinated and easy to track.

CRM requirements

  • Outlook integration

  • Flexible and customisable CRM
  • Email marketing
  • ERP integration

IT focus

From a systems point of view, we already had an ERP system that had a CRM module in it, but it was very rudimentary. Iain and Simon tried for a long time to try to make it work, but in the end we agreed it just wasn’t up to scratch. At this point, we began to look for a separate CRM using a best of breed approach.

Reducing the amount of time the sales and support staff needed to spend in the ERP system has been the biggest benefit for us. We’ve linked accounts with customer records in the ERP, so that once a customer is set up, the data is pulled across to Gold-Vision. We also do quotes in Gold-Vision which pulls part, pricing and exchange rate information from the ERP system.

We prefer quoting in Gold-Vision because it is more flexible. We’ve actually got some work in progress with Gold-Vision at the moment looking at pushing data the other way from Gold-Vision to the ERP system. That’s a big step for us, and we’re looking forward to the benefits that will bring.

Campbell Scientific image


  • We can manage incoming leads and enquiries much more efficiently.
  • The sales team have greater visibility of what marketing is doing. They are able to see who marketing contact, why and what the reaction is.
  • It’s improved the relationship with remote offices. Marketing and sales process has been standardised, making it much easier to measure and improve.

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