11 November 2020 – 3.30pm GMT / 10.30am EST:

The current pandemic and political circumstances are combining to make life difficult for B2B business sales. It’s easy for this to quickly provide an in-built excuse for poor sales performance – “it’s just the economy”. But the pandemic especially is throwing up new working and selling possibilities for you and your teams. 

Now’s the time to focus on what your business can control, ensuring that you are investing in a lean sales process from beginning to end. This doesn’t happen without effective business tools.

In this webinar, Charlie and Jiggy will cover:

  • Tell-tell signs of unfit processes that you’ve so far lived with
  • Opportunities to look out for in the current environment
  • Practical steps to build a healthier forecast
  • No more excuses to blame the economy!

This webinar will last approximately 20 minutes plus an additional 10 minutes for a Q&A opportunity at the end.

About the Presenter(s)


Our founder, Charlie has over 25 years’ experience delivering IT projects in a range of industries. A qualified accountant with previous positions at Ernst & Young, he drives Gold-Vision forward with his vision; an intuitive CRM backed by a highly professional team.

With a dual focus on customer and product, Jiggy’s priority is to consistently deliver successful CRM projects to our customers. Her understanding is backed by blue-chip project management experience and a long-standing CRM career. Jiggy’s product expertise enables her to work with and advise existing customers and new prospects who face challenges with CRM.


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